Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition

Seiko 5 Sports meets ONE PIECE

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Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition

Seiko presents five new Seiko 5 Sports creations that are inspired by the popular Japanese manga and anime ONE PIECE. ONE PIECE was first introduced in 1997 as a manga series of the Japanese mangaka Eiichirō Oda and was broadcast as an anime a short time later. Both manga and anime are still produced today and are known worldwide.


Each character expresses their own unique style throughout history in search of freedom. The limited models reflect the characters Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law and Sabo and combine the concept of
“indomitable strength of will” with the street style design of Seiko 5 Sports. The sales start of the watches is from November 2021. They are in the Seiko boutiques, in the Seiko Boutique online shop and at selected specialist dealers in a limited edition of 5,000 pieces each worldwide.


The SRPH63K1 is inspired by Law, one of the pirate captains known as the “Worst Generation”. Thanks to the “operation fruit” he has the ability to create a space in which he can manipulate everything. The dial is reminiscent of the pattern on Law’s hat and next to the 6 o’clock position there is a marker that indicates the mysterious “D” that some characters have in their name – including Law. The crown is designed with the pattern on the blade of Law’s favorite sword. On the case back are the mark of Corazon, Law’s words “I’m fulfilling someone’s long-held desire !!” (“I’m fulfilling a long-cherished wish for someone!”) And to see the individual serial numbers from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.



The SRPH69K1 model is inspired by Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke family, who dreams of finding the “All Blue”. The dial bears footprints reminiscent of Sanji’s powerful kicks. His motto is “A cook’s hands are his life”. The design of the bezel reflects Sanji’s Raid Suit, in which only the number 3 is blackened and his characteristic eyebrow is depicted on the crown. On the case back you can see the sign of the pirate chefs and Sanji’s words “I’m going to find the ALL BLUE” as well as a serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.



The SRPH65K1 model is inspired by the main character Luffy, who dreams of being the king of the pirates. The dial has a pattern that resembles the steam that is created when Luffy uses his “Gear” technique. The scales on the bezel, which gradually increase in size in a clockwise direction, express its strength as it increases the “gears”. Next to the 12 o’clock position is a sign that is supposed to symbolize the mysterious “D” and the scar under Luffy’s left eye adorns the crown. On the case back are the straw hat that the red-haired Shanks Luffy left with Luffy’s words “I’m gonna be … king of the pirates!” (“I will be … King of the Pirates!”) And the individual serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000 is shown.



The SRPH67K1 model is inspired by Zoro, the swordsman and bearer of the three swords, whom Luffy is very familiar with. The dial is decorated with the image of a sword that cuts with “Arms Haki”. The black
case represents the haki in the sword and the three V-shaped bars on the bezel are modeled on Zoro’s swords. The crown bears the motif of the pierced sword eye, which alludes to Zoro’s mastery of the three swords. On the case back there are graphics inspired by the Wado Ichimonji sword that Zoro inherited from his close friend Kuina, Zoro’s oath “I will be the greatest swordsman in the world!” and the individual serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.



The model SRPH71K1 is inspired by Sabo, the sworn brother of Luffy and Ace, who served as chief of staff of the revolutionary army from an early age. The dial is adorned with a torch pattern that resembles the flames that arise when Sabo unleashes his firepower, his special technique inherited from Ace. On the crown there is a symbol that represents the “fire fruit” that Sabo inherited from Ace. The bezel is specially marked at the 2 o’clock position to represent Sabo as the number 2 in the Revolutionary Army. On the case back are the image of the hat Ace always wore, Sabo’s words “It’s up to us … … to do his will !!!” and the individual serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000 printed on it.


All models are offered in a special gift box with the symbols of the five characters that can be found in this cooperation. A download card enables an original illustration of the cooperation to be obtained.


Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Editions

  • Calibre Number: 4R36
  • Movement Type: Automatic with manual winding
  • Duration: Approx. 41 hours


  • Crystal: Hardlex
  • LumiBrite: Lumibrite on hands and index(es)
  • Band Material: Silicone

Other Details

  • Water Resistance: 10 bar

Case Size

  • Thickness: 13.5 ㎜
  • Diameter: 42.5 ㎜
  • Length: 46 ㎜
  • Weight: 103.0 g

Other Specifications

  • LIMITED EDITION on the case back
  • Screw case back
  • See-through case back
  • Serial number engraved on the case back
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel

Other Features

  • 24 jewels
  • Day/Date display
  • Stop-second hand function

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