Sinn has a very interesting proposal: the Sinn DuoFlex.

SINN DUOFLEX – The Diving Strap System

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A situation that many divers are familiar with: the equipment is ready, everything has been checked, the dive can begin. But you are now missing a diving watch as an additional instrument for monitoring the diving time and decompression time. The problem: your diving watch needs to be worn over your wetsuit. But the fact remains that the length of the silicone strap is usually adjusted for wearing directly on the wrist and regular diver extensions are usually inadequate for the necessary additional strap lengths. So what’s to be done? A quick and easy change of silicone strap before the dive would be an enormous help at this point. The diver needs a diving watch with a strap system that can be adjusted as quickly as possible to the different conditions, such as a larger wrist diameter when wearing a wetsuit. Sinn has a very interesting proposal: the Sinn DuoFlex.


With the quick-adjustment strap system as one of the components of the new DuoFlex, this adjustment can be made instantly. The necessary extension is ensured by means of an easy swap over to a silicone strap with an appropriate length. Worn on the wrist, the system can withstand the same tensile force as a silicone strap that is usually fitted to the case with spring bars.

The new quick-adjustment strap system, therefore, offers an extremely easy strap replacement mechanism, which is also extremely useful in everyday life, when not out diving. For example, in answer to the question: a red silicone strap? Or would you prefer a black silicone strap? Thanks to the quick-adjustment strap system, the silicone strap can change to suit a specific occasion in just seconds.

Sinn DuoFlex adapter
Sinn DuoFlex adapter

Folding clasp with strap-length quick adjustment
As a watch wearer, you will also be familiar with the following everyday situations: for certain reasons, you need to make your silicone strap looser or tighter. For example when seasonal temperature variations result in changes to your wrist’s diameter. With the aid of the new folding clasp, a component of the DuoFlex, the length of your silicone strap can be easily adjusted to these variations as well as to a wide range of your everyday needs. The new folding clasp has an integrated strap-length quick-adjustment mechanism, with which you can immediately adjust your silicone strap to make it 5 mm tighter or looser.

The DuoFlex silicone strap
The DuoFlex silicone strap

In the final analysis, the new DuoFlex is a logical solution for a diving extension, which covers the full spectrum – from wearing a watch directly on the wrist to over a dry suit. The DuoFlex is compatible with all U models with a diameter of 44 mm.

For more information, please visit the Sinn Website or check the Sinn DuoFlex User Manual (a PDf reader software is necessary).


Please contact your local dealer for further price information.


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