Panerai giveaway

Summer giveaway with Panerai

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Last Sunday I have published a review of the gorgeous Panerai Luminor Yachts Challenge. Since I have received from Panerai some goodies, I thought it would be nice if can make a small Panerai giveaway.

The giveaway consists of a Panerai branded USB stick, a Panerai iPhone USB cable and a Panerai beach towel in its dustbag. See the pictures in the gallery.

Anyone can participate but you need to answer a simple question:

Just answer in the comments. The answers on the review article or on the Facebook page are not taken into consideration.

The giveaway will run until 21st of Jully 2019, 18:00 o’clock GMT. Watch I Love Magazine will cover for the transport fees. Any other taxes or import duties will be covered by the winner.

This giveaway is not sponsored directly or coordinated by Panerai.

This giveaway has ended!


  1. It’s Cooper and Platinum. Thanks and looking forward to the rewards!

  2. Copper and platinum
    Thanks for this

  3. Copper and platinum, thank you for the opportunity

  4. Copper and platinum

    1. Author

      You are the winner of the Panerai giveaway! Congrats!

  5. Cooper and Platinum. Thank you ?

  6. The 2 constituents are copper and platinum. Interesting read by the way. Thanks for the informative review.

  7. Copper and platinum! Cant wait for the results ?

  8. Copper and platinum! Looks lovely!

  9. Copper and platinum

    Looks like Google still works for y’all

  10. Copper and platinum

  11. Copper and platinum

  12. Copper and platinum. Thanks for it !!!

  13. Copper and platinum, thanks for the contest!

  14. Cooper and platinum, thanks for organizing this.

  15. Cooper and Platinum

  16. They are Copper and Platinum. Thank you for this giveaway. A very nice gesture for all watch enthusiasts.

  17. Metal alloy containing copper and platinum

  18. The two constituents of Goldtech are Copper and Platinum.

  19. Copper and Platinum. Thanks

    1. Author

      This giveaway was closed last year in July.
      Thank you for understanding.
      I will update the article to be clear that this ended

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