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Swiss brand DOXA WATCHES shifts into high gear on international growth track

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Biel, Switzerland, Tuesday 27 August 2019 – Encouraged by the excellent response from the markets, customers and media at this year’s Baselworld, the leadership at DOXA Watches is shifting the brand’s international redeployment into high gear. 

  • New, centralized leadership structure, with general management in Switzerland.
  • Fast-tracking of business growth, backed by substantial investments.
  • Redesigned collections, with an emphasis on the legendary SUB diving sports watches.
  • Consolidation of key markets, inroads into promising new territories.
  • A new brand identity, a new logo, a new campaign, a new website.

Building on an exceptional heritage, DOXA Watches – founded in 1889 – is in particular associated with the launch of the first truly purpose-designed diver’s watch for the general public in 1967, the legendary SUB 300. Developed in close collaboration with the famous sports diving organization “US Divers,” the SUB soon became the reference for military and professional divers, too.

DOXA Watches, based in Biel in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland, is a 100% subsidiary of Walca Group, an industrial company owned for more than 40 years by the Swiss Jenny family. Walca Group specializes in the development and manufacture of private label Swiss Made watches.

Heading the leadership at DOXA Watches is Romeo F. Jenny, who represents the fourth generation of the family that owns the group and has entrusted the DOXA brand’s realignment and management to Jan Edöcs, Board Member of the Walca Group and CEO of DOXA Watches.

As part of the first stage of the relaunch, all DOXA brand activities are now fully managed from Switzerland, which will enable a more streamlined, consistent and rapid reorganization process.

With regard to distribution, all markets, without exception, will operate and grow under the direct responsibility of the General Management in Switzerland, which will ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all activities. The brand’s presence in the United States, historically a key market, will be significantly reinforced with the opening of a North American (Canada and USA) subsidiary in Boca Raton, Florida, and the recruitment of a team entirely dedicated to the brand.

Building on the redeployment in North America market, Doxa Watches will consolidate the English-speaking market universe by opening two new distributorships: in the UK and Australia. The two distributors DOXA is partnering with are intimately familiar with the brand and have a strong marketing presence in their respective territories. These markets are very promising for the brand’s legendary SUB collections.

Elsewhere in the world, the brand is established in Hong Kong and China, as well as in Central Europe, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, and its strong presence in these markets will enable DOXA to further capitalize on what’s been achieved so far.

DOXA Watches also plans to reinforce its position with a dedicated organization in Germany to facilitate direct access to European customers. The Swiss domestic market will naturally also benefit from a strengthened distribution structure.

With regard to collections, the massive success of the new products launched at Baselworld 2019 has accelerated a major overhaul in recent months. Streamlining the collections, reducing the number of references, delving deeper into the brand’s DNA and focusing on the legendary SUB concept, have been the focus of DOXA Watches’ development team.


Announcing a new evolution of the DOXA SUB concept: from now on, all the iconic SUB models (42mm and 45mm as well as the SUB 200) will systematically be available as non-limited series in all 6 historical dial colours – orange of course, but also yellow, navy blue, turquoise, silver and black.

With regard to limited editions, DOXA Watches will continue to introduce special models such as the famous SUB 200 T.GRAPH, though in a more exclusive context and in smaller production runs than in the past.

Finally, to address the changes made on the marketing front, DOXA watches is proud to surface with a new international identity, ensuring a clear, crisp and consistent brand image throughout the world. Faithful to the brand’s DNA: a new logo to express the DOXA spirit; a new communication campaign with a new claim #YourCalltoAdventure to capture the imagination; a new website for better, easier and more rewarding brand access; and new social networks, now active under the DoxaWatchesOfficial identity, to engage and exchange among fans.


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  1. Love doxa especially their 30s 40s & 50s men’s watches. They have a wealth of historical pieces & not diving into that( no pun intended). Aesthetically better looking than other brands of the period. To stop being small, that Is their toughest battle, that struggle is in them, nothing to do with the market place.

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