Angelus x Thibault Magnin
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Angelus x Thibault Magnin – Angel Face

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thibault Magnin, the talented young Spanish-Swiss skier on the world freestyle scene specialising in the big air and slopestyle disciplines, becomes an Angelus ambassador, choosing a U41 tourbillon to accompany him in his exploits.

Angelus U41 Tourbillon Skeleton

Angelus U41 Tourbillon Skeleton

Reading Time: 3 minutes The graphic structure of the movement equipping the Angelus U41 characterises its style. Enclosed in a 42 mm titanium case, the U41 showcases its own architecture. Unfolding in a series of black and transparent sections, this frame is both minimalist and graphic. Technical aspects merge with the aesthetic signature in an […]