Frederique Constant Classics

Reading Time: 4 minutes One big family under one name: Classics. Through this unique family name, Frederique Constant has not only breathed new life into classic watchmaking but given concrete expression to its founding mission: to make luxury timepieces accessible to as many people as possible. Today, this iconic collection is reaffirming its timelessContinue Reading

Frederique Constant Classics Art Déco Reference FC-200MPN2AR2D6

Reading Time: 4 minutes Frederique Constant is today unveiling five new round models in its Classics Art Déco collection. A return to the basics, both contemporary and classic, for a collection created 13 years ago and whose success is attested on the wrist of the modern woman.Continue Reading

Frederique Constant Classics Horological Smartwatch FC-285LNS5B6

Reading Time: 3 minutes Peter Stas, co-founder of the Group has always been intrigued by how it was possible to add smart features to simple quartz watches. He saw an opportunity to develop exciting connected watches with extensive information and graphics displayed on smartphones since 2010 and eventually launched the first Frederique Constant HorologicalContinue Reading