Admiral 42 Automatic “Grenadier Fendu”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Easily one Corum’s most iconic collections, the Admiral embraces the spirit of contemporary design inspired by a long history with maritime sailing. This collection is beloved by collectors, especially those with a yearning to indulge in an active yet elegant lifestyle. Now, Corum’s master craftsmen unveil six new versions ofContinue Reading

Corum Bubble 47 X-Ray

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was during the famed Basel watch exhibition in the year 2000 that Corum first unveiled its now-legendary Bubble watch. With an oversized case and huge domed crystal, the Bubble was the brainchild of the equally-legendary Severin Wunderman, then owner of the brand. That first Bubble wowed the world andContinue Reading

Corum Avant-Garde Admiral

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was more than 60 years ago that Swiss watch brand Corum first announced its Admiral collection. Inspired by the great sailing races from whose name the collection derives, the Admiral watch has undergone a host of evolutions and iterations since then. Known for its dodecagonal shaped bezel and colorfulContinue Reading

Corum Lab 02

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the heels of launching its dynamic “Risk is the Reward” campaign,  Corum takes the concept of daring innovation to all new heights with the Corum LAB 02 timepiece. Defying all watchmaking convention, the technically advanced watch boasts a new movement that was two years in the research and developmentContinue Reading

Corum AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic and Automatic Tourbillon

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2013, the Admiral collection welcomed a new line to the family- the Admiral AC-One. Keeping in mind the key design codes of the Admiral collection, the lines of the iconic dodecagonal-shaped case was reworked to become more rounded, and angles less prominent. Taking into consideration the size and weightContinue Reading

Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco

Reading Time: 3 minutes Corum unveils two limited editions of their Golden Bridge, combining the aesthetic of the baguette movement with that of suspension bridges. Two aerial works of art, suspended in the void, hoisting the creativity of the brand to a new level until now unexplored – Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 ArtContinue Reading

Corum Admiral AC-One 38mm

Reading Time: 3 minutes Creating scaled-down versions of men’s watches for ladies can no longer suffice their desire for substantial and practical timepieces. With more women leading busier and more active lifestyles than before, timepieces for ladies have also gravitated towards designs with sportier overtones to complement their needs. In 2011, Corum’s iconic andContinue Reading

Corum Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Admiral is one of the pillars of Corum’s heritage. Unveiled in 1960, five short years after the brand’s creation, it embodies the Swiss watchmaker’s idea of maritime-inspired watchmaking. Although it has always been loyal to its artistic fibre, it has never been afraid to set sail for distant shores.Continue Reading

Golden Bridge Titane DLC

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in black: the Corum Golden Bridge returns in no less than six new modern, exclusive editions, decorated entirely in black. The first two are unveiled now, revealing a powerful and modern new look for this icon which was first presented forty short years ago.Continue Reading