Cvstos Dual Flying Tourbillon by Label Noir

Reading Time: 3 minutes So how is it hanging in the air? Thanks to which magic?A technique is never completely naked, it always includes a part of its own style, and even a part of poetry. And Cvstos is not short on lyricism. But even the tenors sometimes need to look for other tessituras.ForContinue Reading

CVSTOS Re-Belle Moon

Reading Time: 2 minutes Representing supremely stylish examples of the watchmaker’s art, as defined by CVSTOS, the Re-Belle line pays homage to exceptional ladies. This collection, with its powerful personality, combines feminine charm with technical sophistication and unveils its latest creation: The Re-Belle Moon, a limited edition jewellery watch, brings poetry to time.Continue Reading

Cvstos Double Tourbillon Différentielle

Reading Time: 2 minutes A tribute to tradition but supercharged by avant-gardism, CVSTOS redefines the art of highly complicated timepieces and presents a World premiere: The Double Tourbillon Différentielle.Continue Reading

Cvstos Double Differential Tourbillon-S

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the closed circle of creators of avant-garde movements, Antonio Terranova, co-founder of Cvstos, is in a perpetual quest for performance and efficiency in terms of chronometry. In 2017, the latter is approaching Telos Watch, represented by two talented watchmakers and drivers of high-end watchmaking, Johnny Girardin & Franck OrnyContinue Reading