Czapek Quai des Bergues Sapphire Blue

Reading Time: 4 minutes Czapek & Cie Quai de Bergues is one of the nicest and complex collections in the independent scene. There are not too many independent brands out there that bring, year after year, new and interesting interpretation in the same collection. One can say that Czapek competes with established brands byContinue Reading

Czapek Sapphire Blue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Paraphrasing Magritte’s caption of his painting of a pipe, Czapek introduces the Quai des Bergues Sapphire Blue S standing out with its distinctive blue. With its ‘flinqué’ enamel dial, this elegant 38.5mm steel watch demonstrates Czapek’s openness to new artisanal techniques, to positive contamination by other industries and to collaborativeContinue Reading