A Collector’s Dream: DOXA’s Limited Editions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Watch collectors are drawn to limited editions for several reasons, but chiefly for the sense of exclusivity and owning a timepiece that only a few other lucky people can claim to have too. By their very nature, limited edition timepieces are produced in limited quantities, creating a sense of scarcityContinue Reading

DOXA SUB 300T Clive Cussler

Reading Time: 5 minutes May 18th, 2023 (New York, New York) – DOXA is channeling its adventurous spirit through the fictional world of Clive Cussler. The acclaimed American adventure novelist wrote over 85 books, selling over 100 million copies, and discovered scores of shipwrecks through the non-profit agency he founded called, NUMA. Cussler’s booksContinue Reading

Doxa SUB 300 carbon COSC

Reading Time: 5 minutes More than 50 years ago, in 1967, the Swiss brand introduced a revolutionary diver’s watch. One of the ingenious innovations that set it apart from all others was a bright orange dial, which made it more readable in the darkness of the depths. Bright times ahead! New from the brandContinue Reading


Reading Time: 5 minutes 53 years ago, in 1967, the brand established in Le Locle introduced a revolutionary diver’s watch, the first ever to look past black or white and go for colour – with an orange dial that was much easier to read and more practical in the darkness of the deep. AContinue Reading

DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers

Reading Time: 8 minutes The SUB 300 Aqua Lung US Divers builds a bridge between the past and the future. It is the first time the legendary SUB 300 comes in carbon. After more than 130 years of watchmaking tradition, DOXA is still breaking new ground. The DOXA SUB 300 Aqua Lung US Divers isContinue Reading