A Collector’s Dream: DOXA’s Limited Editions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Watch collectors are drawn to limited editions for several reasons, but chiefly for the sense of exclusivity and owning a timepiece that only a few other lucky people can claim to have too. By their very nature, limited edition timepieces are produced in limited quantities, creating a sense of scarcityContinue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes Following the introduction of the SUB 600T Pacific this summer (the limited edition of 200 pieces sold out in less than three days), DOXA now launches the SUB 600T in stainless steel – a model that has been eagerly awaited by the entire community of partners and customers – asContinue Reading

DOXA SUB 600T Pacific Limited Edition

Reading Time: 3 minutes First introduced in the ‘80s, the SUB 600T joined previous DOXA dive models as a legend in its own time. Now, 40 years later, it is reborn in a brushed titanium case with ceramic bezel inlay bezel and comes with a dial colour in a shade of blue matched toContinue Reading