DOXA SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following the successful launch of the SUB 300β in Geneva last September – a SUB 300 with all of the icon’s the technical attributes, but slightly slimmer, more in tune with a contemporary urban lifestyle – DOXA today presents the limited edition: the SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023, in honorContinue Reading

A Collector’s Dream: DOXA’s Limited Editions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Watch collectors are drawn to limited editions for several reasons, but chiefly for the sense of exclusivity and owning a timepiece that only a few other lucky people can claim to have too. By their very nature, limited edition timepieces are produced in limited quantities, creating a sense of scarcityContinue Reading

DOXA is now available in boutiques across Southeast Asia

Reading Time: 3 minutes The journey of DOXA Watches continues on the Asian continent.After South Korea, the brand is establishing a presence in the Philippines, a region renowned for its must-visit diving spots.DOXA Watches is partnering locally with the “Watchworks” group, which already distributes several esteemed names in Swiss watchmaking throughout the country.Continue Reading

DOXA SUB 300T Clive Cussler

Reading Time: 5 minutes May 18th, 2023 (New York, New York) – DOXA is channeling its adventurous spirit through the fictional world of Clive Cussler. The acclaimed American adventure novelist wrote over 85 books, selling over 100 million copies, and discovered scores of shipwrecks through the non-profit agency he founded called, NUMA. Cussler’s booksContinue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes Doxa SUB 200 C-GRAPH II – A new version of the steel chronograph, with a more contemporary 42mm diameter case and a new, subtly luminous dial with a sunray finish that makes the Doxa’s collection’s six colours pop!Continue Reading

DOXA's waterproof history

Reading Time: 4 minutes DOXA CEO, Jan Edöcs, is often quoted as saying his brand “stays in or around the water”. Today, DOXA focuses on the dive watch business and celebrates this raison d’être through established timepieces such as the SUB ranges and the Army watch. This wasn’t always the case, however, as DOXA has aContinue Reading

60 years of DOXA bracelets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Doxa is a watch that is recognised as much for its dial (orange) as its bracelet (beads of rice). The rare story of an accessory that is anything but. What is the point of developing the most accurate and trusted diver’s watch if it doesn’t stay on your wrist?Continue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes Geneva Watch Days 2022 was, according to the official numbers, a real success: 33 participating brands, 1200 watch professionals and 2500 unique visitors. For the third consecutive year, I participated with the Watch I Love Magazine – I could not miss again meeting old friends and seeing live watches, especiallyContinue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes Following the introduction of the ceramic DOXA Army ‘Watches of Switzerland Edition’ in April (only 100 made), DOXA is adding the DOXA Army in stainless steel to its non-limited line-up –a model highly anticipated by the entire DOXA community. The DOXA Army in steel comes with a choice of twoContinue Reading