The Frankfurt World Time Watch. Sinn Model 6060 B The Frankfurt Financial District Watch. Sinn Model 6068 B

Reading Time: 3 minutes The first Frankfurt Financial District Watch was unveiled in 1999 and marked a landmark decision for our company. Up until then, the name Sinn Spezialuhren had been synonymous with innovative timepieces specially designed for pilot and diving missions. The expansion towards classic, elegant series proved to be hugely popular withContinue Reading

Breitling Boutique Frankfurt

Reading Time: < 1 minute Breitling is showing its new urban loft boutique concept for the first time in Germany, which is already an integral part of the international flagship boutiques. In the Breitling Boutique, which has existed for five years in an exclusive location in downtown Frankfurt, customers, collectors and watch enthusiasts can discoverContinue Reading