Bugatti Sur Mesure

Reading Time: 5 minutes The genius of Jean Bugatti – the visionary designer and engineer who imbued the entire automotive world with his pioneering creations – lay not only in his engineering prowess but the unmatched aesthetic proportions of his designs. The yield of Jean’s legacy endures, and the Type 55 stands as aContinue Reading

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘57 One of One’

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, a timeless Jean Bugatti masterpiece now nearly 90 years old, has long captured the imagination of aesthetes and automotive enthusiasts and is still regarded as the most valuable and exclusive automobile in the world. Many of its design features − including the bolted finContinue Reading

acob & CoJean Bugatti BU100.40.AA.AA.A

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Jean Bugatti timepiece is perhaps the most demanding watchmaking project ever undertaken by Jacob & Co, named after a visionary pioneer. Jean was the eldest son of company founder Ettore Bugatti, born in 1909 – the same year Ettore set up his new company in Molsheim, Alsace. As aContinue Reading

Jean Bugatti

Reading Time: 3 minutes On January 15, 113 years ago, renowned automobile designer and son of Ettore Bugatti, Jean Bugatti, was born. Jean’s passion for engineering led to the creation of some of the most extraordinary vehicles in history.Continue Reading