A Story of Ice and Fire: Knights of the Round Table by Roger Dubuis

Reading Time: 6 minutes Through fellowship, comes power. A combined strength that can overcome the greatest challenges and ultimately shape the future. From the mythical Knights of the Round Table, Roger Dubuis has embraced this ageless lesson of shared mastery – transforming its own diverse skills into a timepiece of hyper expressivity.Continue Reading

Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table MT/X

Reading Time: 2 minutes The story of the Knights of the Round Table collection cannot be told to just anyone. One of Roger Dubuis’ most iconic, bold and breathtaking collections, each edition re-interprets the legend through the lens of Hyper Horology. Only the craziest minds dare to combine artistic mastery, horological craftsmanship and contemporary design in this way.  Now for the firstContinue Reading

Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table

Reading Time: 4 minutes Passion. Commitment. Boldness. The codes of chivalry may be thousands of years old but their virtues are still alive within the minds of many. That is why excellence continues to be the goal for Roger Dubuis. Yet the Maison’s ultimate mission is its perpetual quest to challenge the rules ofContinue Reading

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table

Reading Time: 4 minutes Roger Dubuis has consistently demonstrated its penchant for excess and extravagance. An inclination matched by a fearless determination to challenge the rules through a resolutely expressive and contemporary approach. This serial innovator mindset results from visionary engineers and incredible watchmakers combining radical expertise. It is nourished by a daily obsessionContinue Reading