Krayon x Jean Todt Anywhere

Reading Time: 6 minutes Specially crafted for motorsport legend Jean Todt, Krayon unveils ‘Anywhere,’ a one-of-a-kind masterpiece fashioned from a single block of platinum, a reimagining of van Gogh’s famous painting, ‘The Starry Night.’ With unparalleled mastery over technique, material, and craftsmanship, Krayon lives its commitment to preserving the fine artisanship that is intrinsicContinue Reading

Krayon “Lady Anywhere”

Reading Time: 7 minutes Krayon “Lady Anywhere”: the independent brand Krayon takes another step, opening a bit wider the door into the world of great mechanical complications. For the discerning woman. This first feminine incursion into the world of mechanical complexity according to Krayon stages the ballet of the stars and the measure ofContinue Reading

Krayon Anywhere

Reading Time: 7 minutes What if you could tell the exact time of sunrise or sunset at any location on the planet? Wherever you happen to be – or imagine yourself to be. Truly anywhere. Once again, Krayon introduces a first in watchmaking: Anywhere – where time marks our relationship with Earth. Krayon’s secondContinue Reading