Laco Augsburg Grau and Aachen Grau

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pforzheim, March 2023 – Especially in times of hustle and bustle, we often yearn for some rest, balance and harmony. That’s when we resort to the opposite – to everything which is the plain and simple. Minimalism and monochrome in particular have a calming and relaxing effect. Monochrome designs, especiallyContinue Reading

Aachen Polar 42

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is often only nuances that give a classic a completely new look. But sometimes it has to be something completely new. Thus, the watch manufacturer Laco presents a new expressive variant and fashionable interpretation of its classic pilot watches with the new Augsburg Polar and Aachen Polar models. LimitedContinue Reading

Laco Augsburg Olive 42 & Laco Aachen Olive

Reading Time: 3 minutes The new Laco Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 are each limited to 250 pieces only and come in a fashionable military look. The subtle vintage colour scheme underscores the masculine charm of these historically inspired designs, giving them a distinctive appearance.Continue Reading

Laco Aachen Taupe and Laco Augsburg Taupe

Reading Time: 4 minutes With the two strictly limited new models, Augsburg Taupe and Aachen Taupe, Laco has expanded its entry-level collection in the field of basic pilot watches with two stunning timepieces, both with a taupe-coloured watch face. True to the company tradition, also the youngest members of the series are fine examplesContinue Reading