Laurent Ferrier x Hervé Di Rosa Classic Micro-Rotor

Reading Time: 5 minutes Laurent Ferrier has always been committed to creating timepieces that are both modern and timeless, combining horological technicality, functionality, and aesthetic purity. Today, to celebrate the longevity of the flagship piece of the collection, Laurent wished to infuse his iconic Classic Micro-Rotor with natural escapement with a touch of playfulnessContinue Reading

LAURENT FERRIER Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

Reading Time: 4 minutes Swiss watchmaker LAURENT FERRIER presents the Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green as part of its all-new “Série Atelier”. The brand is turning its production upside down and taking the time to thank its community. This new addition in the “Série Atelier” collection is indeed a tribute. Firstly a tribute to theContinue Reading