MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

Reading Time: 11 minutes First launched in 2015, the LM Perpetual has been since crafted in red gold, platinum, white gold, titanium, yellow gold and palladium. In 2023, a new variation joins the family – the LM Perpetual Stainless Steel, carrying a rich salmon-coloured plate. The steel and salmon combination being a first forContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine No.2 Palladium

Reading Time: 10 minutes Legacy Machine No.2 lies at the highest end of the horological spectrum. When it was first presented in 2013, it was one of the most forward-looking expressions of traditional mechanical watchmaking in the market. In 2023, MB&F is happy to bring back this beacon of innovative horology in a newContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential Evo

Reading Time: 15 minutes The MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential Evo is brand’s 20th calibre in just 17 years – and its first-ever chronograph. It was conceived with Stephen McDonnell, who previously reinvented for MB&F the perpetual calendar complication with the award-winning LM Perpetual. The LM Sequential EVO movement incorporates two column-wheel chronographs and aContinue Reading

MB&F x BULGARI Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra

Reading Time: 6 minutes The story of the collaboration between Bulgari and MB&F is first and foremost that of an encounter – initially motivated by mutual professional respect and subsequently evolving into a strong friendship – between Bulgari’s Product Creation Executive Director, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani; and MB&F’s Founder and Creative Director, Maximilian Büsser. TheContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Palladium

Reading Time: 11 minutes First launched in 2015, the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual has been crafted since in red gold, platinum, white gold, titanium, and yellow gold. Six years later, in 2021, a new limited edition of 25 pieces joins the series, crafted in palladium 950 – combined with an aquamarine sunray dial varyingContinue Reading


Reading Time: 9 minutes In October 2011, people thought they knew what MB&F stood for. Four Horological Machines had been launched, each one more audacious than the last. MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser decided it was time to do something different – again. How does one go about disrupting a habit of iconoclasm? By turningContinue Reading

MB&F LM FlyingT Lapis Lazuli

Reading Time: 7 minutes Since the first announcement of the LM FlyingT, I was concquered by it. After publishing the release here, I wanted, or better said, it was mandatory for me to get my hand on the MB&F’s first ladies watch. Last spring, the chance smilled to me and I was able toContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO

Reading Time: 10 minutes Over the past 15 years, MB&F creations have transported their wearers to destinations that exist only on maps of the imagination: from star-cruisers to deep-sea jellyfish, Maximilian Büsser’s Machines are the mechanical cartographers of the multiverse. But the greatest journey has yet to be undertaken, and true progress is marked byContinue Reading