Louis Moinet Memoris Spirit

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Louis Moinet MEMORIS SPIRIT stems from the interaction of numerous factors: ergonomics, the quest for beauty, the assurance of wearer comfort and functionality. The evolution of the Memoris aesthetic concept has of course favoured the definition of an attractive formal appearance, but it is above all based on theContinue Reading

Louis Erard Excellence Guilloché Main II

Reading Time: 3 minutes Louis Erard continues to reinvent traditional métiers d’art with this second hand guilloché dial. It is exactly the same technique that Breguet popularised in the 18th century, but Louis Erard hasn’t stopped at this classic framework, opening up a new territory for expression: exclusive, innovative and contemporary – Louis ErardContinue Reading

Louis Moinet NFT

Reading Time: < 1 minute 1,000 Unique NFTs inspired by the Iconic Space Revolution 2021 Edition Super Watch will be launched on February 27th on Exclusible.com Les Ateliers Louis Moinet is collaborating with 3D digital creator Tafi to design a collection of Space Revolution watch-themed NFTs that will be available exclusively through the Exclusible marketplace.Continue Reading

Louis Moinet ASTRONEF

Reading Time: 4 minutes Louis Moinet ASTRONEF propels us into the exclusive world of uncompromising modern watchmaking. It is heir to both ancestral know-how and an unyielding desire to create the design of tomorrow. Its character combines adrenaline and contemporary art. ASTRONEF adopts the technology developed for SPACE REVOLUTION, yet only the tourbillon specificallyContinue Reading

Louis Moinet Space Revolution 2021 Edition

Reading Time: 3 minutes After the last year’s success, the hyper-creative independent Louis Moinet launches a new Space Revolution. We are delighted to share with you the story tell just as the brand describes it. Continue Reading

Louis Moinet HEAT

Reading Time: 2 minutes Louis Moinet HEAT represents the strength that man develops when he overcomes the challenges he faces. The conquest of fire is a prime example. Louis Moinet will unveil this unique concept as a world premiere at the Berger Private Experience and SIAR exhibitions in Mexico.Continue Reading

Louis Moinet Memoris Spirit “Only Watch”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Louis Moinet is proud to be supporting the famous Only Watch charity auction. This ninth edition will bring together some of the most beautiful watchmaking Maisons and will present one-of-a-kind pieces, all created exclusively for the event. All proceeds will be donated to the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy (AMM)Continue Reading

Louis Moinet 8 Marvels of the World

Reading Time: 9 minutes The record-breaking independent Manufacture Louis Moinet invites us around the world to discover eight wonders of the world through a special set:  Louis Moinet 8 Marvels of the World. « 8 Marvels of the World »  invites you on a fascinating discovery of eight of the most beautiful human achievementsContinue Reading

Space Revolution

Reading Time: < 1 minute Louis Moinet’s Space Revolution earned two distinctions at the MUSE Design Awards 2020. Selected from 4,618 entries representing almost 60 countries, Space Revolution won both the Fashion Design of the Year award and the Platinum award in the MUSE Design Awards 2020. The Fashion Design of the Year award honoursContinue Reading