Reading Time: 2 minutes On the 12th of September, Max Busser and Friends launched the M.A.D.1 GREEN, more precisely, the possibility to participate in the raffle, open from September 12th until September 26th, 2023.Continue Reading

The M.A.D.Edition / M.A.D.1 RED watch

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year, MB&F created hysteria with a very affordable machine created under the umbrella of M.A.D Gallery. It was the M.A.D. Edition, in blue. Now, the independent is throwing on the table a new piece, in red, destined to the masses – M.A.D.1 RED watch. It is time for aContinue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes A month ago, MB&F, or better said M.A.D.Gallery released a special piece, the M.A.D.Edition M.A.D.1, dedicated to supplier-Friends and Tribe members (the collectors of MB&F timepieces). Since it was not a large scale announced launch, it generated a lot of frustration and many questions. And what better way to haveContinue Reading