MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Tiger Eye

Reading Time: 9 minutes MB&F enriches their one and only ladies watch model with a new variant bearing the gorgeous Tiger Eye stone as background plate and dial. Launched in 2019, the LM FlyingT remains one of the most impressive ladies’ watches desired by men (and one of my all-time favourites). One can readContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Malachite

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Legacy Machine FlyingT was our first-ever Machine dedicated to women – a first that was rewarded by a very warm welcome from the watchmaking world, including the prize for Best Ladies’ Complication at the 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. The launch versions in 18k white gold were joined lastContinue Reading

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT

Reading Time: 6 minutes Maximilian Büsser and the friends come with the first MB&F ladies’ dedicated watch. A bold move from such a small brand. I salute the decision and I say that it was just about time. The watch is absolutely stunning. For instance, my wife was enchanted by it, so I canContinue Reading