Reading Time: 5 minutes Out of the Ming Watches Special Projects Cave, and it’s been several years in the making, but the brand haven’t abandoned the challenge of making what they believe are the world’s lightest mechanical wristwatches: the MING LW.01 Manual and LW.01 Automatic. They are a featherweight 8.8 and 10.8 grams respectivelyContinue Reading

MING 37.07 Monolith

Reading Time: 4 minutes We have always enjoyed watches with a more functional, utilitarian presentation as a palate cleanser – or, as something we can put on and not worry about too much if you’re not sure what the day will bring. This line has previously included the 17.06 Monolith and 18.01 H41 DLC;Continue Reading

MING 37.05 II

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following on the first moonphase in 2021, the independent brings a second generation with a new and dynamic interpretation of the night sky in the MING 37.05 Series 2.Continue Reading

MING 29.01 Worldtimer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Four years on, Horologer MING is proud to present the spiritual successor to the 19.02 Worldtimer – with all the processes and refinements they have developed in between, and a new movement – MING 29.01 Worldtimer.Continue Reading

MING 37.07

Reading Time: 4 minutes When we unveiled the original Mosaic in 2020, there was a lot of demand to have something similar in a more accessible model. Given the nature of the sapphire-based process however, this is not possible as each mosaic dial costs quite a bit more than an entire 17-series watch toContinue Reading

MING 22.01 GMT

Reading Time: 4 minutes With global travel finally resuming and given our last GMT was in 2018, we thought it high time to revisit the complication. It is our pleasure to present the MING 22.01 GMT, in modern and classical variants.Continue Reading

17.09 MING x Massena LAB Limited Edition

Reading Time: 4 minutes Massena LAB, the timepiece creation studio founded by watch industry veteran William Massena, is proud to announce the release of its latest collaboration project, the 17.09 MING x Massena LAB Limited Edition. Designed as a daily wearer with easy functionality and a unique design language, this limited edition is boundContinue Reading

MING 17.09

Reading Time: 3 minutes MING Watches is saying goodbye to their fantastic 17 series – a gorgeous collection acclaimed by critics, media and especially by collectors. So this is your chance to grab one of the last models… Please find below the official press release issued by the independent brand.Continue Reading

MING 27.02: Gradient guilloché

Reading Time: 4 minutes Evolution and hindsight Design isn’t an instantaneous process – on average, it takes 18-24 months from initial sketches to first delivery. This gives us plenty of time to live with prototypes, play around with design elements and ask ourselves ‘what if?’. The MING 27.02 is a result of this question,Continue Reading