Nivada Grenchen F77

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nivada Grenchen simultaneously looks skyward and breaks new ground: Not only is the F77 resurrected in titanium, it also comes in four stunning new dial variants: Anthracite, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, and…Genuine MeteoriteContinue Reading

Nevada Grenchen Chronoking ‘Paul Newman’ Orange

Reading Time: 3 minutes Building on the resounding success of the hybrid Mecaquartz version, Nivada Grenchen unveils a limited edition of its orange showstopper featuring an original old stock mechanical movement, revived for today’s collectors: the Valjoux cal. 23  VZ.Following the keen success of the Mecaquartz edition, Nivada Grenchen introduces a new reissue of itsContinue Reading

Nivada Grenchen Chronoking “Paul Newman” Orange

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fresh on the heels of the first edition’s runaway success, Nivada Grenchen presents a new version of its meca-quartz hybrid model, as vintage as ever – and as ever equipped with a quartz movement for the time functions and a mechanical module for the chronograph, the Chronoking “Paul Newman” Orange.Continue Reading

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Diver

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is it that we hold in our hands? In one, the faithful successor to an Original, the Antarctic-Diver; in the other, a wonderful book to tell the story behind and around this iconic watch. The one you see here is none other than the first diving watch that appearedContinue Reading

F77: Nivada Grenchen

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marble shatters and iron bends, but our love for steel watches is as strong as ever. Probably no other metal is more popular for wristwatches today. In reissuing the Nivada Grenchen F77, is opening a new chapter in its unfurling history – perhaps one of the most consequential. Nivada GrenchenContinue Reading

Fratello × Nivada Grenchen Racing Chronograph

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fratello is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with the independent watch brand Nivada Grenchen. We present the Fratello × Nivada Grenchen Racing Chronograph. The new interpretation of a classic vintage Nivada Grenchen concept, available in five different dial variations.Continue Reading

Nivada Grenchen Chaosmaster

Reading Time: 6 minutes The CHAOSMASTER Series – How do you react when the world is upside down?Romaric André’s graphic language sizzles with Nivada Grenchen’s watchmaking codes, as they answer this question, put to them by TIME+TIDE. And the best news is, there’s no wrong response.Get ready to look at watches from a fresh point of view…ResidentContinue Reading