Bugatti smartwatch

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the apex of automotive performance, Bugatti crafts masterpieces on four wheels produced in its celebrated Molsheim Atelier. Each hyper sports car is brimming with state-of-the-art technology, design and engineering innovation. To match the famous marque’s qualities, Bugatti and VIITA have developed three unique smartwatch models, offering leading-edge technology, materialsContinue Reading

TAG Heuer Connected

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since 2015, with its visionary Connected watch, TAG Heuer has established itself as the clear leader in the luxury smartwatch category. The third generation, which was introduced in March of this year, further enhanced the timepiece’s reputation for high performance and refined design.Continue Reading

Frederique Constant Smartwatch Vitality

Reading Time: 5 minutes Frederique Constant is proud to introduce its latest connected watch, the Smartwatch Vitality, bursting with technology and featuring a digital dial revealed on demand. In addition to the features that were key to the success of its predecessors, the Smartwatch Vitality embraces a major innovation in the form of aContinue Reading

Montblanc Summit 2+ Smartwatch

Reading Time: 4 minutes Following the successful generational change from Summit to Summit 2 in 2018, Montblanc is complementing its smartwatch lineup with another innovation. Summit 2+ will be the first luxury smartwatch that can directly activate cellular connectivity right in the Wear OS by Google app on Android smartphones. The new wearable, theContinue Reading

TAG Heuer Connected Watch

Reading Time: 5 minutes On the 12th of March, TAG Heuer released the third generation of their smartwatch. TAG Heuer Connected Watch is a step forward in the brand’s effort to “connect” with the latest trends and digital technologies. The new piece packs the Google Wear OS and self-developed applications in a TAG HeuerContinue Reading