The Heritage BiCompax Annual Celebrates the Design and Savoir Faire of the 1950s


Carl F. Bucherer Bicompax
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Some timepieces have a history that dates back many years before they officially make their debut. This is especially true for the Carl F. Bucherer Heritage collection, including the new Heritage BiCompax Annual. Strictly speaking, the origin of this watch can be traced back to 1888 – the year in which Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened his first shop in Lucerne. His business grew quickly and he was dedicated to manufacturing timepieces and jewellery in-house from the very beginning. This tradition continues today, more than 130 years later. Over the decades, a wide array of exceptional designs and technical achievements have emerged from Carl F. Bucherer’s workshops. The Heritage collection celebrates this multifaceted history with exceptional limited-edition timepieces. The latest addition to the collection takes its inspiration from a design that was already making waves in the late 1940s and serves as a tribute to this special chapter of Carl F. Bucherer’s history.

Carl F. Bucherer Bicompax
Carl F. Bucherer BiCompax

The Dawn of a New Era: The Triumph of the Chronograph

The chronograph had its great breakthrough in the 1940s. This wristwatch became a symbol for athleticism and dynamism at a time when life seemed to be speeding up at a breakneck pace. It was a trend that continued unabated in the following decade: not only did the tempo of life show no signs of slowing down, but personal horizons were growing broader as well. The chronograph became an icon of its era.

In the ateliers of Carl F. Bucherer, a whole range of wristwatches with stopwatch functionality was produced as early as the late 1940s. Already at that time, the Lucerne-based watchmaker was offering an array of different designs, display formats, and additional functions. These advancements aimed to meet the increasingly individual demands of customers in an increasingly diversified market.

Chronographs with a BiCompax display were particularly sought-after. This type of harmonious dial design features two subdials symmetrically positioned on the horizontal central axis of the watch face. This notable symmetry was also the hallmark of one standout timepiece in the Carl F. Bucherer archives dating back to approximately 1950. Its sporty, elegant design was as groundbreaking then as it is today. The curved design of this vintage piece lent the case – which measured only 34 mm in diameter – and its slim chronograph pushers a sporty flair. The warm gold tone of the case was complemented by a pink-champagne-colored dial featuring telemeter and tachymeter scales and a russet leather strap. This stylish classic chronograph served as the design inspiration for the newly launched Heritage BiCompax Annual.

Carl F. Bucherer Bicompax
Carl F. Bucherer BiCompax

A Golden Era: The Postwar Years

In the years following the Second World War, Ernst and Carl Eduard Bucherer – the sons of the founder – took advantage of the general economic upswing to successfully expand the family
business. The trained watchmaker and goldsmith continued their father’s tradition of exceptional quality, making it their number one credo.

Technical refinement combined with unique design and useful innovative functions characterized the watches of this era. The process of creating a watch, from the initial idea to the final product, ran like a well-oiled machine. The different departments and areas of expertise within the company worked together to release timepieces that set new standards in the industry and delighted more and more watch aficionados around the world. Tourism was becoming rather popular thanks to a booming economy and growing mobility, which brought increasing numbers of visitors from all over the world to Switzerland. The timepieces from Lucerne soon made a name for themselves on the international stage.

Carl F. Bucherer continues to adhere to the high standards set during this time. Producing the highest-quality timepieces, ensuring the satisfaction of its customers around the world, and setting new standards in the process are still the guiding principles of the watchmaker. The Heritage BiCompax Annual was born in this culture of excellence.

Carl F. Bucherer Bicompax
Carl F. Bucherer BiCompax

Continuing the Success Story

The style and charm of the new addition to the Heritage collection hark back to this golden era of Carl F. Bucherer’s company history – a history that now spans over 130 years. The Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual is inextricably linked with Carl F. Bucherer’s roots in Lucerne and its tradition of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. The watchmaker continues to honor these traditions today by making use of the latest technologies and manufacturing methods. The Heritage BiCompax Annual is the latest in a long line of timepieces that prove that skillfully combining tradition and innovation is part of the Carl F. Bucherer DNA.

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