BOVET 1822 Boutique Marina Bay Sands

The House of BOVET 1822 Opens its Newest Boutique at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

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The Swiss timepiece manufacturer BOVET 1822 is proud to announce the opening of its boutique in Singapore’s most iconic complex, the Marina Bay Sands.

BOVET 1822 Boutique Marina Bay Sands

Located along the waterfront, the iconic Marina Bay Sands resembles a suspended boat, featuring three cascading hotel towers topped by an extraordinary aerial park, a museum, international luxury brand stores, numerous restaurants, and a casino. The Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s premier destination for business, leisure and entertainment, and now it is where you will discover Bovet’s newest boutique.

This new point of sale in South East Asia follows Mr. Pascal Raffy’s clear vision to develop the in-store BOVET experience, offering watch lovers and collectors exceptional hospitality, service, and horological knowledge and advice that matches the quality of BOVET timepieces.

BOVET 1822 Boutique Marina Bay Sands

Inside the BOVET Boutique

Once inside the 1270 square feet BOVET boutique of the Marina Bay Sands Luxury Shopping Center, you feel as if you have been transported instantly to the Château de Môtiers in Switzerland – the headquarters and heart of the activity of the House of BOVET.

The European-style boutique, a showcase of rare elegance entirely in keeping with the essence of the BOVET’s timepieces, warmly invites collectors to admire the precious artistic timepieces. Walnut furniture lined with suede combines timeless classicism with a modern influence, creating an ideal refined setting.

BOVET 1822 Boutique Marina Bay Sands

Today, the House demonstrates its excellence through a variety of collections that combine an incomparable mastery for the Decorative Arts as well as unmatched high-watchmaking prowess.
Since 2002, BOVET 1822 has been rewarded with more than 39 awards and distinctions, including the most coveted “Aiguille d’Or” in 2018 at Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (watchmaking’s Oscars) for the Grand Récital, as well as prizes in 2020 for the “Miss Audrey” in the Ladies’ Watch category and for the “Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two” in the Mechanical Exception category.
The new boutique will be opened from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (11:30 pm on weekends), as well as on-demand for personal appointments for its sophisticated, international clientele.

BOVET 1822 Boutique Marina Bay Sands

BOVET 1822 – Unrivaled Engineering Brilliance

Founded in 1822, Maison BOVET met with immediate success all over the world. The Bovet brothers brought decorative arts like miniature painting, enamelling, engraving, and gem-setting to an unprecedented level of excellence that is still unrivaled today. The presence of Bovet timepieces in the most prestigious art, as well as watchmaking museum collections, illustrates their veritable preeminence.

Over the past decades, Maison BOVET has also set itself apart with its numerous innovations, both technical and aesthetic. The Bovet brothers are also recognized as the first to use transparent case-backs, allowing to discover their richly decorated movements. The generations that followed were to thank for a great many technical patents, including chronograph mechanisms that are still taught in the most prestigious watchmaking schools, and a pocket watch that holds the absolute record in power reserve with 370 days with a single barrel.

Mr. Pascal Raffy became the sole owner of the Maison, in 2001, with the aim of protecting and sustaining this treasure trove of expertise that can be found nowhere else. In record time, he brought together all the professions and procedures that go into producing timepieces, all with total respect for the craftsmanship of high watchmaking. Cases, dials, hands, and movements are produced in-house.

The movements manufacture employs 65 artisans in 43 different roles. This concentration of expertise makes it possible to produce each and every component, like the traditional hairspring that only a handful of companies around the world have mastered. The artisanal methods, in many cases dating back to the 18th or 19th century, guarantee the excellence that has marked BOVET timepieces for nearly two centuries. The virtuosity of the artisans is renowned, and many watchmaking brands draw on them for the supply of their own components, as do companies in the medical, electronics, and aviation fields, which are all known for their exacting standards.

The case makers master all the artistic and technical skills required to produce these parts. Lacquering, engine-turning, flinqué, Grand Feu enamelling, and miniature painting techniques are applied to a unique of range of materials like metal, wood, goldstone, marble, carbon fibre, and meteorite, to name just a few of the most iconic. Whether the components are for external parts or the movement, they are all decorated and finished by hand according to the most exacting requirements.

Thanks to its total independence and absolute mastery of all the elements that go into a timepiece, Maison BOVET holds a unique position in the watchmaking world.

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