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The PamCast Blast Panerai releases exclusive material on streaming service Spotify

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Panerai PamCast introduces its branded channel on Spotify, a source for exclusive streaming programming that communicates voice of the brand and entertains and engages community members.

Devoted friends of the brand recognize that it is always possible to explore the Panerai universe to further depths.

Now serious collectors and the uninitiated alike have a new way to establish a connection with the quintessential Italian lifestyle brand.

The just-launched Panerai PamCast playlist on Spotify will deliver a carefully curated menu of music and entertainment that reflects the brand’s singular point of view, inspired by its heritage as a maker of precision instruments for heroes.

The channel’s debut offering is a transporting playlist that expresses the vibrant, festive spirit of Panerai. Dubbed “Italian Colors,” the compilation is a carefree celebration of the most beloved destinations in Italy, encompassing music that spans electronica, pop and R&B and tracks by artists including Massive Attack, Kungs and Daft Punk with the track “Giorgio By Moroder”, which features a monologue by the Italian composer and record producer, Giovanni Giorgio Moroder.

And that’s just the beginning of the compelling content that will appear regularly on the Panerai Spotify channel. It is an all-encompassing window into Panerai’s unique culture, derived from watches that unite Italian design, Swiss manufacture and a reverence for the sea.

Find it now on Spotify!

Panerai PamCast Spotify

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