Watchbandit giveaway

The Watchbandit giveaway has a winner

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I reviewed, two weeks ago, the Watchbandit NATO straps: good quality strap with a fair price. The straps used for review entered into a giveaway. The Watchbandit giveaway ended Saturday, 1st of December. And the lucky winner is…

The Watchbandit NATO straps impressed me. The positive note comes from the high quality of materials: the textile is soft and comfortable on the wrist, the buckle is solid and nicely finished, adorned with Watchband logo. The price of 25€ is right considering the mentioned facts. The reviewed straps entered in the giveaway at the end of the test. Of course, the straps were cleaned and sanitised with professional medical solutions.

Watchbandit giveaway

Watch I Love first giveaway has ended and the lucky owner of the three Watchbandit NATO straps is Aurel Moldoveanu. Congratulations from Watchbandit and me. The participants that didn’t win will receive from Watchbandit a consolation award: a 10€ discount code for their next order this December on

Keep close for the next news, articles, reviews and giveaway.

Congrats once again Aurel!

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