Ulysse Nardin announces a new friend of the brand: Andromache, a young female white shark!

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Ulysse Nardin Andromache

Ulysse Nardin is honoured to introduce you to a new powerful ambassador of the Oceans. The female great white shark named “Andromache” by Ulysse Nardin, reminds us all of the immediate necessity to study and protect the great white sharks. As predators at the top of the food chain, they regulate the ocean’s ecosystem and ensure its equilibrium and abundance. The data-centric research provided by OCEARCH also benefits to medical research opening new opportunities for our health and sustainability.

In mythology, Andromache symbolizes female strength and courage and today she will stand for  Ulysse Nardin’s and OCEARCH’s mission to preserve the species and their commitment to sustaining the ecosystem of the world’s oceans. Andromache at an estimated age of 15 is sub-adult and was brought onto OCEARCH research cradle on the fourth day of their Massachusetts expedition.  After just 15 minutes under the care of scientists gathering the samples needed to conduct a comprehensive health assessment of the shark’s physiology and biology, she was tagged and released back into the wild.


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