UTINAM Besancon – Lebru x Silberstein KB2 Black & White Art Clock

UTINAM Besancon - Lebru x Silberstein KB2 Black & White Art Clock
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Creator of works of mechanical art UTINAM thanks the jury of Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2022 and presents a black and a white versions of its “KB2“: Lebru x Silberstein KB2 Black & White Art Clock.
Seeing UTINAM join the prestigious ranks of brands shortlisted for the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix is a great honor and a wonderful springboard for the future.” – Philippe Lebru (founder of UTINAM)

UTINAM Besancon - Lebru x Silberstein KB2 Black & White Art Clock

The “KB2” mechanical clock shortlisted at the GPHG 2022

Shortlisted for the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in the “Mechanical Clock” category, UTINAM’s “KB2” (Kontwaz Bauhaus 2) clock is a co-creation of Philippe Lebru, a multi-award-winning artist and inventor, founder and director of the UTINAM watchmaking company, and Alain Silberstein, an internationally renowned watchmaking architect. 

The “KB2”, which has become one of the icons of new watchmaking, is equipped with the famous skeleton movement and with numerous technical innovations designed by Philippe Lebru. Further to the huge success of the original version in bright primary colours, the team has decided to launch two monochrome versions of the “KB2” by the end of the year: a black version and a white one.

The “KB2”: A standard-bearer of Franco-Swiss watchmaking

The “KB2” was born in Besançon in Franche-Comté (France), on the Franco-Swiss territory whose know-how in watchmaking mechanics and art mechanics was inscribed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in December 2020. Entirely designed and produced by the UTINAM factory, this prestigious contemporary clock is both a symbol of the revival of French watchmaking and the standard-bearer of the prestigious international label. 

UTINAM Besancon - Lebru x Silberstein KB2 Black & White Art Clock
Lebru x Silberstein KB2 at M.A.D. Galerrie Geneva

“KB2” to conquer the world 

The “KB2” is on display in the M.A.D. galleries in Geneva, Dubai and Taipei, as well as in the 1st and new L.A.B. MB&F in Paris, Los Angeles and Singapore. Founded by Max Büsser, another spearhead of independent watchmaking, these unique spaces are the most beautiful settings that the “KB2”, a unique clock, watch sculpture and work of kinetic art, could have dreamed of.

Philippe Lebru. Artist, creator, inventor, designer. Like UTINAM, Philippe Lebru defies all classification. His works evolve, revealing the porous borders of the worlds of creation, mechanical art devices, and contemporary watchmaking. The richness of his career on the fringes of traditional watchmaking has liberated him from the codes and dogma of traditional watchmaking.
A free thinker, Philippe Lebru relies on instinct to create his mechanical artworks which never cease to question our relationship with time and the living. Philippe Lebru lives in the city of Besançon, the capital of French watchmaking, where he decided to settle 30 years ago. By creating UTINAM, and by giving life to an award-winning* venture rich in meaning, creativity and innovation, Philippe Lebru asserts the fundamental role of the French watchmaking capital on the international scene.
*Grand Prix (all categories) at the Lépine competition in Paris and gold medal for clock-making at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

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