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VAULT is excited to announce the unveiling of its latest timepiece – the V1-X

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VAULT is excited to announce the unveiling of its latest timepiece – the V1-X – at this year’s Watchmakers Club Event in London, November 7th 2018.

Our driving vision for the latest VAULT creation was to unleash our creativity and to kick-off the first of several art pieces under the V1-X label.

The first featured artist is Laurent Auberson who also designed the VAULT V1. The project brief was to mesh abstract minimalist art with cutting-edge mechanics as found in the V1.

In case of the V1-X, we decided to use the sapphire crystal disc, which indicates the hours on a V1, just like an artist uses his canvas and add a pretty unique splash to the crystal.

Vault V1-X

A paint splash has, in fact, a couple of fascinating aspects: first of all, an artist can never fully control the shape and size of the splash – just like we cannot control time – but actually it is formed by the time between the
instant of impact and the colour reaching its solid state.

We might not be able to control time but we are able to manage it. Especially in our fast-paced lives, we have found ways to bring in some structure to the perceived chaos surrounding us. Symbolically for this structure,
Laurent managed to integrate a way to read the hours using cleverly applied negative space in the splash and a pyramid shape creating an easy and exciting way to read time.

To make the V1-X stand out at night, RC-Tritec applied orange Super-LumiNova to the sapphire disc, which creates a super cool halo effect around the disc. Lumicast 5-minute markers frame the art piece adequately
and make the watch pop in the dark.

To round off the art piece Mirea Marian, our master strap maker, created a matching crocodile leather strap with hand painted orange accents.

Vault V1-X

Last, but not least Laurent’s Signature, which is an integral part of the splash, stands for two things:

In a truly artistic manner, an artist should sign his artwork.

Associating the name of the designer with the watch he has designed is very seldomly done in the industry and in our view a big issue which needs to be addressed. Lots of designers struggle in the business as they are
not allowed to refer to their creations, making it increasingly difficult for indie designers to survive. The signature, therefore, is our way to protest against the status quo in the world of watchmaking.

The V1-X is a piece unique and will be showcased at the annual Watchmakers Club Event in London, November 7th 2018.

Vault V1-X Technical Specifications

Special features:

  • Unique hour indication (Orange Super-Luminova applied to a sapphire crystal disc with double anti-reflective coating)
  • Orange Lumicast 5-minute markers


  • 4 part case
  • 316l Steel
  • 39mm Width
  • 46.7mm Length
  • 15mm Thickness
  • Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Solid case back
  • Titanium screws with signature VAULT screw head profile
  • Titanium 2-part crown


  • V01 automatic movement (exclusively made for VAULT by Uhrteil AG)
  • Inertia regulated balance wheel
  • Power reserve: ca. 50 hours
  • Frequency: 21`600 vph

Price: On demand

Strap: Hand-painted alligator strap in black and orange

For more information visit the Vault Watches Website.

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