Vault V2+ Rct – in the light of a new collaboration

A unique partnership between VAULT and RC Tritec that has led to an extraordinary bespoke timepiece showcasing the expertise of the two Swiss brands

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Vault V2+ Rct

The Vault V2+ RCT is the latest creation from the Zurich-based Swiss bespoke watch brand. It features a dark matter carbon composite case dropping the weight of the watch to only 65grams making it the lightest watch they have created to date. The collaboration with RC Tritec has helped produce a masterpiece with unique luminous materials that up the ante functionally and aesthetically.

Vault V2+ Rct

Mark Schwarz, the founder of VAULT, was quoted as saying, “My friend Albert Zeller and I don’t like to just stick to what has been done in the past. We wanted to challenge the status quo, innovate, and explore new directions. We are very upbeat about this unique timepiece and are hopeful of seeing a great response from our customers and fans worldwide.”

Vault V2+ Rct

The V2+ RCT features the iconic titanium hour disc with its signature honeycomb structure infused with Swiss Super-LumiNova, which lights up the disc and the underlying movement. The watch comes with glowing 3D hour numerals and a minute hand indicator made of Lumicast. Contributing to the overall lightness of the VAULT is the new super leggera rotor which has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Due to the complexity of the project and the required R&D, the watch took well over a year from start to completion.

Vault V2+ Rct

The V2+ RCT is the story of two friends who came together to create a new chapter in the history of VAULT and, by doing so, once again pushed the boundaries and challenged the status quo in the world of watchmaking.

Vault V2+ Rct

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Vault V2+ Rct

Vault V2+ Rct Technical Specification


  • V01+ automatic movement (exclusively made for VAULT by Uhrteil)
  • Inertia regulated balance wheel
  • Power reserve: ca. 55 hours
  • Frequency: 21`600 vph
  • Rhodium and 18k gold-plated brushed and pearl-blasted skeleton rotor (designed by Laurent Auberson)
  • Pearl-blasted rhodium-plated center plate
  • Black rhodium-plated brushed and bevelled bridges

Hour Gear Transmission (HGT) II

  • The HGT II features a dark rhodium-plated X-bridge with bevelled spokes, an upgraded transmission system that reduces the number of moving parts and lowers the weight.


  • Pearl blasted, laser engraved and black anodized aluminium rehaut featuring steel 18k gold plated 5minute markers and with Swiss Super-LumiNova® tips.


  • 5-part case
  • Unique VAULT V2+ RCT carbon composite
  • 39mm Width
  • 46.7mm Length
  • 15mm Thickness
  • Sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating ARunic®
  • Open case back sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating ARunic®
  • Grade five titanium screws with signature VAULT screw head profile
  • Grade five titanium DLC coated 2-part crown
  • Pearl blasted grade five titanium mono-cage II


  • Dark fish skin leather strap with contrasting 18k gold stitching featuring a grade 5 titanium sandblasted buckle with a laser engraved VAULT logo

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