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Voutilainen 28ti – A Master between Masters, a Masterpiece between Masterpieces

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Voutilainen 28ti was released this year during the Baselworld show. This time, master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen comes with a pure mechanical art piece. The watch does not have a dial disk (guilloche, enamel or other dial decorating technique). The 28ti is a flipped design of the well-known Vinght-8. What is achieved? – A masterpiece where the viewer can be immersed directly into the movement finishes and where the large balance wheel is part of the dial “decorations”.

Voutilainen 28ti in full splendour
Voutilainen 28ti in full splendour

The presented piece is the prototype, number 0 of 8. The watch was running at the moment when the pictures were taken and I decided to leave the hands at the shown position for several reasons: a ten-ten position will cover the balance wheel and the nameplate, the hands are already in a similar position translated to twelve twenty-something.

Hands-on review Voutilainen 28ti

This watch is so beautiful that I will start with the conclusions. I cannot hold on to my feelings until the end of the article.

I was so impressed by it, that I forgot to make the wrist shot. So many details available on both front and back made me turn the watch repeatedly to look again and again. Why? I was discovering new things, I was observing new details. Have a look at the video below. Fortunately, the video contains a wrist roll.

The Voutilainen 28ti is a masterpiece. Not that was unexpected from master Voutilainen to deliver such a superb technical piece. It is the emotion that it creates. I was always drowned into the reverse designs, but this is amazing. It is not just a movement that was turned/reversed. The usual approach is to drill the plates to transmit the movement directly to the other side. Kari Voutilanen chooses a more complex technical solution that brings new appealing elements to what is now the dial side.

Voutilainen 28ti
With the Voutilainen 28ti in hands. The view is full of beautiful technical details. Note the set of two escapement wheel under the balance wheel – more about that later

The finishes are exceptional by all means. The gear train was made of white gold to be even more visually appealing. Every surface, every edge, every corner has something to reveal. The creation brings satisfaction to any avid lover of high-end finishes. A masterpiece between masterpieces.

The side view of the titanium case
The side view of the titanium case

A precious case – not by material but from design and construction

The case is made of titanium in Voutilainen Ateliers. The 39mm diameter is a perfect size for most of the collectors. The overall dimensions are balanced by the thickness of 13.4mm. The case has a known construction for those familiar with Voutilainen pieces. Ones of the most appealing exterior details are the soldered teardrop lugs. The knowledge and the tech to solder without leaving any marks in the case’s material and colour is something extraordinary.

The oblique case view, crown side.
The oblique case view, crown side.

The case’s components are mirror polished. When speaking about titanium, it is known that its polish is spectacular, but hard to achieve it – a tremendous amount of work is needed. The tree-parts case construction is elegant.

The Vinght-8 case
The Vingt-8 case is a combination of convex and concave surfaces. Note the mirror finish revealing all the surroundings.

The front view of the 28ti

Voutilainen 28ti offers an atypical dial show. Due to its flipped design, the dial is governed now by the generously sized balance wheel. This is fixed with a baton bridge fixed on two pillars. The bridge is rounded and highly polished. The antishock system is held in place in a gold cabochon. Spectacular bridge shape and finishes…

The dial of the Voutilainen 28ti
The dial of the Voutilainen 28ti

To note that the watch uses gold gear train.  The pinions and wheels are completely flat and highly polished. An exception is made for the ratcheted gear wheel of the barrel, where a sublime snailing is implemented.

The lower side do the 28ti's dial
The lower side do the 28ti’s dial

The bridges are flowless decorated. Rounded and polished chamfers take the eyes from the fine frosted surface finish. Note that all sinks are polished.

The time display of the Voutilainen 28ti
The time display of the Voutilainen 28ti. Note the two escapement wheels under the balance wheel – more about that later.

For the time display, Kari uses his complex constructed and finished hands. The hands are manufactured in gold. The manufacturing process needs multiple steps and painstaking handwork.  For legibility, the watch is fitted with an exterior register with printed dots as indexes. For 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, the indexes are volumetric dots, probably white gold or titanium bolts.

The Voutilainen name plate is engraved and ink filled
The Voutilainen nameplate is engraved and ink filled. Note the 12 and 3 o’clock indexes.

The backside view of the Voutilainen 28ti

The backside of the watch reveals what was before the watchmaker’s side (the side under the dial visible usually only to the watchmakers). The backside features the small seconds’ indication, a remnant of the classic Vingt-8 movement and a power reserve indication.

The backside view of the Voutilainen 28ti
The backside view of the Voutilainen 28ti

The back view also is spectacular. The clean metallic appearance is “broken” by the coloured addition of the horological complications. The small seconds uses a blued metal circles with printed Arabic numerals and indexes.

The small seconds complication
The small seconds complication reveal the perlage of the main plate

The power reserve uses a similar implementation but with a semi-circle.  The indication is visually balanced by a plate bearing the name of the watch and the serial number 0/8 (prototype from a limited series of 8 pieces). The hands of the backside suffer the same construction type and the finishes as the frontal counterparts.

The power reserve indication visible on the back of the Voutilainen 28ti
The power reserve indication visible on the back of the Voutilainen 28ti

Some notes on the movement

The Voutilainen 28ti is equipped with two escapements. The unusual typology uses a typical Phillips overcoil for the exterior spring and a Grossmann curve for the interior one. The Vingt-8 was the first to use this very rare and unique balance-spring system in such a configuration. This escapement system requires less energy as the classic swiss lever escapement and is much more efficient. The escapement wheels give a direct impulse to the balance wheel through the impulse roller/jewel offering better functional stability.

Voutilainen 28ti
Voutilainen 28ti

Voutilainen 28ti Technical Specifications and Price

In-house movement. Design, construction, fabrication, finishing and assembly inVoutilainen workshops.

Movement size
Ø 30mm x 8.45mm

Free sprung balance wheel with rose gold timing weights frequency of 18,000 v.p.h.



Silver dial made in house

Titanium case, manufactured in house

Case size
Ø 39mm x 13.40mm

Voutilainen 28ti is a limited edition of 8 pieces at a price tag of 86,000 CHF each. It is also available in platinum, 8 pieces limited series at a price of 98,000 CHF.

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