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I believe that Cartier Tank is not a secret for a watch lover. This model is widespread, still available in the Cartier collections ( and the offer on the pre-owned market is generous.
During my searches, I have encountered some nice models but one, in particular, made a deep impression – The Cartier Tank Basculante.

Release year – 1933 (some say in 1932, but on the Cartier website is stated 1933 as the official release), reason – special clientele who requires a watch with protected bezel and dial, the main competition was Reverso.
Unfortunately, this watch is not in the current collection, but there are some very lovely pieces on the pre-owned market.

Here is a nice video from with a Cartier Tank Basculante WA203351

Here are some links to presentations, reviews and nice pictures:
– Hondinkee: Five Reasons The Cartier Tank Basculante Isn’t ‘The Other’ Reverso


Side image of the Tank Basculante from



The back side of a Basculante from WatchProSite

– Watchuseek: Cartier Tank Basculante
Picture by member DJMM
Picture by member DJMM
Calibre explained by Walt Odets from
“C” logo as calibre decoration: explanation by Walt Odets from
A nice view of Cartier Tank Basculante from Monochrome Watches
For those interested in such a timepiece there are some choices at
I would like to thank Cartier, Hodinkee, LuxWatch, PuristSPro, TimeZone and Monochrome for the information and pictures.

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