AuroChrono Festival and Watch I Love

Watch I Love Magazine as media partner for AuroChronos Festival in Poland

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We are happy to announce that Watch I Love will take part in the AuroChronos Festival as a media partner. We will be present there to make live coverage of the event. We will bring you the hottest news, live streams and live images from the biggest watch festival in Poland. 


AuroChrono Festival Logo
AuroChrono Festival Logo


AuroChronos Festival

AuroChronos Festival is at the second edition. We were delighted to see such an initiative coming from Poland. In an industry where the biggest fairs take place in Switzerland, it is a breath of fresh air. Last year’s edition, the first, was extremely well received, despite the shy start.

This year, AuroChronos will take place on September 29th and 30th 2018, in  Lodz, a city located in the central part of Poland.

We present to you AUROCHRONOS. The name of the festival is a blend of two words and it expresses the core values we would like to convey to you: Aurochs, an ancestor of domestic cattle – an enormous, strong and wild ox whose posture commanded respect. It doesn’t only represent the strength, freedom and the perseverance needed in the constant struggle to make a mark in the watch market, but it also symbolises the rebirth of sentiment for watches and craftsmanship in creating uniqueness and the exceptional character of the brands. The Greek god Chronos is the personification of time and the symbol of creation. His representation – an hourglass – is a symbol of passing time. For us it is time to return to the roots, the tradition of small independent manufactories with unique style and individuality, which, in today’s reality, can harmoniously coexist with the largest players in the industry. – Official presentation of the AuroChronos Festival

In the same time period, Lodz hosts the Light Move Festival, the biggest light festival in Poland (one of the biggest in Europe). Both festivals will enjoy an increased amount of visitors.


AuroChronos Exhibitors

The festival will have as exhibitors the major watch manufacturers from Poland, several independent and micro – brands, as well as accessories and sartorial manufacturers. The entire list of exhibitors can be found here.

The festival also prepares a list of lectures and distinguished guest: Theodore Diehl, Dirk Dornblüth, Kalle Slaap, Krzysztof M. Janikowski, Michał Wajsen, Tomasz Fularski, Aleksandra Fularska, Leszek Szumlas, Ewa Rybak, Tomasz Miler and others.


Watch I Love & AuroChronos

Watch I Love Magazine will participate to AuroChronos festival as media partner. We will make live reports of what we see there, present the brands and gather information for future articles. We can meet there for discussions and impressions. So stay tuned.

Save the dates 29th and 30th of September, the location Expo-Lodz Sp. z o.o., al. Politechniki 4, 93-590 Lodz, Poland and let’s have fun.

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