Tiny Purity Tourbillon

Yin & Yang! ArtyA ushers in the Year of the Dragon in unity, infinity and harmony with the Tiny Purity Tourbillon

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2024 takes flight under the sign of the dragon, symbol of wisdom, success and prosperity. It is in fact the Year of the Wood Dragon, and the wood element adds a dimension of vitality, creativity, growth, and renewal. A kind of energy, of inspiration that is at the core of this Swiss watchmaker’s creations – ArtyA Tiny Purity Tourbillon White & Black.

  • Tiny Purity Tourbillon
  • Tiny Purity Tourbillon

Did you expect to see a dragon omnipresent on a work of art? The Chinese New Year is celebrated with distinction through ArtyA‘s first-time use of a novel material for an entire case: matte ceramic.

Drawing on balance of Yin and Yang, ArtyA’s pair of matte ceramic watches, on in pristine white, the other in perfect black find their visual impact amplified by an elegant diameter of 39mm. Imperceptible weight and surprising durability are the two watchwords that guided its development, ensuring unparalleled comfort on the wrist as well as imperviousness to even the harshest conditions. The white will remain immaculate, the black unscathed, both forever untarnished and absolutely immune to anything that might affect their color.

Following steel, bronze, forged carbon, titanium, platinum, various types of gold, sapphire, NanoSapphire and moissanite, matte ceramic is the much-anticipated addition to the long list of materials worked on by the Geneva-based brand. Heated to over 1,500 degrees Celsius, polished and then hand-brushed, matte ceramic makes a stunning entry into the circle of ArtyA’s collections.

Tiny Purity Tourbillon

The “Tiny” edition of the Purity Tourbillon series showcases a complete redesign of the Manufacture flying tourbillon with a double barrel. One result of the extensive development work : it allows for a significant size reduction, from an impressive 46mm to a sleek, contemporary 39mm.

7mm – less is more. To make the Purity Tourbillon the masterpiece that is the Tiny Purity Tourbillon, the dial was repositioned to 3 o’clock, adopting a fully skeletonized display – with the hallmark double barrel assembly strategically placed underneath. Despite the smaller overall size, the barrels retain their original dimensions to preserve the generous 72-hour power reserve.

Remarkably, the tourbillon cage maintains its size with an 18mm in diameter, enhancing its visual impact. It now features a traditional adjustment via a fixed stud holder, a departure from the previous raquetterie system. The cage has been meticulously hand-beveled, with every detail — including a new Incabloc and oscillating weight balance systems — refined to elevate the Tiny Purity Tourbillon’s movement. This masterpiece of watchmaking technology is encapsulated in a movement that weighs a mere 9 grams.

Tiny Purity Tourbillon

Different yet inseparable

These two distinct timepieces, though different, are bound together in an exquisite set, housed within a box expertly crafted by Geneva’s prestigious leather artisan, Vaudaux. This ArtyA box, created as a singular piece, embodies the yin and yang theme through its color scheme. The iconic white and black dots, symbolizing the idea that nothing is absolute, are represented by the two watches. Faced with a daily decision, the owner contemplates: the white watch or the black? The choice, reflective of contrast and preference, remains a personal secret known only to the fortunate owner.

  • Tiny Purity Tourbillon
  • Tiny Purity Tourbillon
  • Tiny Purity Tourbillon

Artya Tiny Purity Tourbillon Technical Specifications



  • Hours, minutes and seconds on the flying tourbillon


  • Double barrel, skeletonized Manufacture tourbillon movement
  • Conceived, developed and made in Switzerland exclusively by and for ArtyA
  • Oversized tourbillon (18 mm in diameter)
  • Improved chronometric reliability thanks to the double barrel system’s
  • torque management for stable power delivery
  • Frequency: 4 Hz (higher than usual for a tourbillon, ensuring greater stability)
  • Power reserve: 72 hours


  • Matte ceramic
  • Dimensions: 39 mm
  • Case back: Open, screw-in
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM, equivalent to 30 meters (about 100 ft)


  • Black or white nubuck leather, with pin buckle

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