Your time to shine: Zenith DREAMHERS enters a new phase with a mentoring programme

Anett Kontaveit
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Gender equality and women’s empowerment are one of the main pillars of ZENITH’s HORIZ-ON Corporate Social Responsibility programme, driving many of the brand’s commitments and actions. Within it, the DREAMHERS platform was created by the Manufacture to bring together independent and accomplished women to share their experiences and inspire others to fulfil their dreams.
Now in its third year, ZENITH DREAMHERS is represented by women from all walks of life, who have pursued their passions to accomplish incredible feats in their respective fields. In a bid to create a global community of likeminded women who share the same drive and courage to reach their stars, ZENITH has hosted several events around the world where these relatable and approachable DREAMHERS and local ZENITH customers can exchange and inspire one another. Now, ZENITH is taking the next step by introducing the DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme.

Offering a truly unique opportunity to receive guidance from three inspiring figures who have made their mark in wildly different fields, the DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme will see three women determined to achieve specific goals spending time with three ZENITH DREAMHERS, who will take on the roles of mentors and even life coaches. Their journeys together will be shared with the world in the hopes of inspiring others to go out there and reach their stars.

On this new chapter of DREAMHERS, ZENITH CEO Julien Tornare shared, “This is an exciting new adventure we’re embarking on with the wonderful, accomplished and inspiring ZENITH DREAMHERS. With the DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme, we can share their unique experience in a constructive way, and invite people from all around the world for a unique experience that will give them the confidence and guidance to reach their own stars”.

The DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme will receive applications on, where three applicants will be drawn to take part in this unique and enriching experience in their paths towards reaching their stars – wherever they may be. Each of the three winners will be able to spend one-on-one time with three ZENITH DREAMHERS, who will share their own invaluable experiences and guide participants: Tennis star Anett Kontaveit on staying focused and never giving up despite the obstacles, violin virtuoso Esther Abrami on how to stand out while remaining true to yourself and your values, and EXTREME E race driver Catie Munnings on how to succeed in a male-dominated activity. Their complementary attributes and different philosophies towards attaining success will provide the DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme participants with a holistic, interactive and educational experience.

Those interested in taking part in the DREAMHERS Mentoring Programme can submit their applications on from March 15, 2023 to April 30, 2023.

The Zenith DREAMHERS Mentors:

Catie Munnings
Catie Munnings

Catie Munnings

Those who have been following the Extreme E electric rally racing championship, of which ZENITH is a founding partner and official timekeeper and will undoubtedly be familiar with Catie Munnings. An athlete and motorsport prodigy,Catie Munnings races for the Andretti United team. Making her mark in a male-dominated sport, Catie now works closely with organisations to advocate women’s equality in the workplace and encourage the next generation to challenge gender stereotypes.

Esther Abrami

Esther Abrami

Sensational violinist Esther Abrami is the perfect example of an artist’s success story in the internet age. Her courage, determination and willingness have led her to the grandest stages and secured a coveted recording contract with a major label. Her openness and willingness to share the ups and downs of a musician’s life with her massive online audience have made her amongst the most beloved classical musicians of her generation. After honing her craft at the world-leading Royal College of Music in London, the 26-year-old French violinist has been awarded a full scholarship for a master’s degree at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire under the guidance of Professor Wen Zhou Li.

Anett Kontaveit

Anett Kontaveit

With a fiery passion and unrelenting drive, Anett Kontaveit’s story is one of a lifelong pursuit of excellence. Instilled with passion for the game by her mother, tennis coach Ülle Milk, Anett began playing at the age of 6 and won her first youth title three years later. With her eyes set on the global arena, Anett quickly excelled in international tournaments and went on to represent her country around the world including at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She has won six singles titles on the WTA Tour and has been ranked as high as world No.2 in 2022 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Today, she is the highest ranked Estonian tennis player of all time and the only one to have qualified all the way to WTA finals in 2021.

ZENITH exists to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and make them come true – against all odds. Since its establishment in 1865, ZENITH became the first vertically integrated Swiss watch manufacture, and its watches have accompanied extraordinary figures that dreamt big and strived to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump. Zenith is also highlighting visionary and trailblazing women by celebrating their accomplishments and creating the DREAMHERS platform where women share their experiences and inspire others to fulfil their dreams. With innovation as its guiding star, ZENITH exclusively features in-house developed and manufactured movements in all its watches. Since the creation of the El Primero in 1969, the world’s first automatic chronograph calibre, ZENITH has gone on to master high-frequency precision and offers time measurements in fractions of a second, including 1/10th of a second in the Chronomaster collection and 1/100th of a second in the DEFY collection. Because innovation is synonymous with responsibility, the ZENITH HORIZ-ON initiative affirms the brand’s commitments to inclusion & diversity, sustainability and employee wellbeing. ZENITH has been shaping the future of Swiss watchmaking since 1865, accompanying those who dare to challenge themselves and reach new heights. The time to reach your star

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