Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic in blue

Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic – the good, the bad and the skeleton

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Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic is the latest addition in the entry level Defy Collection. Relaunched in 2017, the Defy brings back the innovation and coolness of the past collections. In 2018, Zenith added the Classic as an entry level of the collection. But don’t get a false idea. The Defy Classic line is utterly cool: good looking, modern technology and a decent price. The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic add to that (as an obvious hint from the name) a ceramic case – in black, white and blue.

Hands-on review: Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic

I had the watches on my hand during the last days of SIHH 2019. Kempinski’s Hotel large windows offered plenty of light. Sometimes too much for my pictures. Enjoy below all three versions of the Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic in a classic wrist roll.

For the presentation, I will use some of the pictures. The entire set is available, as usual, in the Gallery, at the end of the article.

Every watch makes its own tune

The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic keeps that 70’s vintage feel of the previous pieces from the collection. Manufactured in ceramic, the presented pieces faithfully reproduce the finishes present in the collection. The 41mm diameter case has a height of 10.75mm. Perfectly balanced dimension for any wearer, small or big wrist size, boy or girl (politically correct disclaimer: or any genre you identify with).

Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic black on the wrist
On the wrist with the black version of the Defy Classic Ceramic. Light. Comfortable. Good looking.

The ceramic case is adorned with vertical brushed and polished surfaces. While the ceramic material is very scratch resistant, the highly polished sides have the same issue as the polished metal – it is an incredible fingerprint magnet. But it is easy to solve the issue. Any cloth piece will do just fine. As you might notice, the molested pieces have relative few fingerprints. And I didn’t take special care by handling.

The side view of the case - crown side.
The side view of the case – crown side.

The crown is also manufactured in ceramic. It is decorated with the Zenith star. I have a strange feeling when I use the crown. Used to the metal counterpart, the sense of ceramic inspire a fragility feeling. But I am fully aware that is just a feeling. The entire watch is robust, it has a solid construction.

The back side of the Defy Classic Ceramic
The back side of the Defy Classic Ceramic

Turning the watch, one discovers the ceramic caseback fixed with steel screws. Besides the typical engravings, the back of the Defy reveals the calibre Elite 670 SK. A nice landscape. It is worth to remove the watch from the wrist to have a look.

Note the metal structure on the lugs, that keeps the strap. It looks like the watch has metal frame construction on which the ceramic was added. The rubber strap (black, white or blue) is fitted with a titanium buckle with ceramic insertion.

Titanium folding clasp
The titanium folding clasp is decorated with the Zenith star

Put your drawers on and take your watch off

We have to talk… The dial of the Defy Classic is a good show. Now, every one of its colours, black white or blue, has its one shine. The sparks are there but there is a matter of taste and personal preferences. Just have a look at the video above. How one could decide which is the best version?

The black ceramic Defy has black SuperLuminova.
The black ceramic Defy has black SuperLuminova.

The dials are in the tones of the case. And this creates individuality between the collection’s pieces. The open dial emulates with its five forks the star of Zenith. The functional piece becomes decoration.

The white ceramic case is accompanied by with dial accents
The white ceramic case is accompanied by white dial accents

I particularly enjoy the complex shaped hours’ markers. For each case colour, there is a corresponding SuperLuminova shade. This is present on the indexes and on the hour and minute’s hands.

The date indication uses a contrasting background
The date indication uses a contrasting background (note the sunlight reflecting on the case – it was the middle of January, Sun was a rare sight).

Instead of a classic aperture, the date is highlighted, at six o’clock, by a contrasting background. I like the view of the entire date circle on the dial. It fits the idea of complete skeletonisation of the Defy.

If you have to beat, beat

The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic is powered by the Elite 670 SK. This automatic movement is shared in the collection. It features a harmonious industrial construction with open bridges. The finishes are quite good, the watch (see the clip above) having only to gain from the visible skeletonisation.

The spectacularity touch is given by the silicon pallet lever and escapement wheel, visible on top on the left side. See below.

the sillicon escapement on the Defy classic
Details on the dial of the blue ceramic Defy Classic with a glimpse to the silicon escapement. Hint: the purple components.

The Elite 670 SK is beautifully skeletonised. The main decoration used is brushing. The “star” of the movement is represented proudly by the rotor weight. “Nice touch!” – was my first thought.

Elite 670 SK
The calibre Elite 670 SK is skeletonised. The movement reveals almost all its parts.

You see, in this world, there are two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded watches and those who wind.

I have mixed feeling about the Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic. But not in the way one might expect. I did enjoy the watch on my wrist and on my hands. The Defy breaks that barrier of toyish watches Most of the ceramic watches gave me the impression of a more of a toy watch, rather than a serious piece. Defy is ok. But my mixed feeling comes from the indecision of a favourite colour. You see, the black would be my obvious choice. Or not! Because the white ceramic and its sparks would go great as a summer piece. Whom am I kidding? It is a fabulous summer piece…

The Defy Classic Ceramic in white
The Defy Classic Ceramic in white

The blue version is again a very attractive piece. I love blue watches. One after another, the look of the Defy Classic Ceramic is great.

Referring to the title, the automatic function, the skeletonised look and the interesting feel make the watch a prêt-à-porter. Buy and enjoy. If you like it, there is no issue. On the other hand, if you have an issue with the case material or what-so-ever, I invite you to discover the watch. You might change your opinion.

The movie quotes come from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with slight adaptation to fit my need.

Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic Technical Specifications and Price


  • Movement: Elite 670 SK, Automatic
  • Components: 187
  • Frequency: 28,800 VpH (4 Hz)
  • Power reserve: min. 50 hours


  • Hours and minutes in the centre
  • Date indication at 6 o’clock
  • Central seconds hand



  • Strap: rubber (FKM Quality)
  • Clasp: Titanium double folding clasp with ceramic


  • 7.100,00 €

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic review of the Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic! I really appreciate how detailed and informative it is, covering all aspects of this timepiece. The good, the bad, and the ugly – nothing is overlooked. The crisp ceramic construction and modern aesthetic definitely caught my attention, and thanks to this review, I now have a better understanding of its performance and features. Kudos to the author for their insightful analysis! Looking forward to more exceptional reviews like this one. Keep up the fantastic work!

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