Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Armin Strom unveils the next generation of its Mirrored Force Resonance timepiece: a state-of-the-art technological marvel in a strikingly elegant design

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The Mirrored Force Resonance takes on a strikingly elegant form with a newly designed case, movement and dial, incorporating Armin Strom’s unique and chronometrically superlative Resonance technology in new proportions and revealing more of its innovative movement.

Armin Strom took the watch industry by storm in 2016 when it unveiled the Mirrored Force Resonance, a watch that exploits the physical phenomenon of resonance in an ingenious and unprecedented way. It set a new standard of chronometric precision and regularity by achieving what watchmakers once believed to be impossible.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Revisiting the independent manufacture’s milestone creation in 2016 from a new vantage point, the entirely redesigned Mirrored Force Resonance takes the winning formula of superior chronometric stability and reimagines it using a new, refined design language. From the outside, the case has been redesigned from scratch in more slender proportions (43mm x 11.55mm), with slimmer, more elegant lugs, as well as a very subtle signature Armin Strom “lip” at 6 o’clock.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

The raised sapphire glass box reveals the innovative and truly one-of-a-kind movement from multiple angles and has been redesigned for a more open, three-dimensional look. Most notably, the two balance bridges have been openworked for more visual harmony between the two synchronized balanced wheels and the off-centre dial. The pusher at 2 o’clock allows the two running seconds indicators – which rotate in mirrored clockwise and counter-clockwise motions – to be reset to zero and visually track the state of resonance.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Turning the watch over reveals the extent of the movement’s complete redesign. Inspired by the golden age of precision marine chronometry, the engraved main plate outlines the specific characteristics of the Mirrored Force Resonance in raised text. Highlighting the fact that the ingenuity of the Resonance is having two movements beating in sync with independent energy sources and gear trains, the symmetry of the movement is accentuated with its mirrored arrangement of open bridges and gears. This open execution also allows the Armin Strom manufacture to showcase its expertise in hand finishing while also shining a light on the brand’s history as a preeminent maker of skeleton watches. The wider hand-polished chamfers on the bridges and countersinks and the mix of satin-brushed and mirror-polished surfaces also exude a superlative and distinctly haute horlogerie quality that can only be achieved by the hands of skilled artisans.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Other mechanical features have been updated in addition to the architecture and reengineered movement, such as the ratchet wheels and pawls that now take their inspiration from those found in pocket watches and provide a smoother tactile experience when winding.

Claude Greisler, Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker at Armin Strom, comments, “The openworked Resonance movement further highlights the ingenuity of our unique and  patented system. Even more incredibly, we’ve made the new Mirrored Force Resonance slimmer, paying particular attention to the ergonomics and overall proportions of this exceptional timepiece.” 

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

An Exceptional Debut Series

As part of a new tradition at Armin Strom that began with other recent collections, the First Edition of the Mirror Force Resonance is limited to 25 pieces and is made even more special by a number of details that are exclusive to this series. First, the two finger-style bridges between the ratchet wheel and barrels are crafted in white gold. Secondly, the opaline dial has been created in a warm “Black Gold” colour. And finally, the watch comes with a 10-year warranty instead of the usual Armin Strom 5-year warranty. 

Commenting on the debut series of the new Mirrored Force Resonance, Serge Michel, founder of Armin Strom, remarked, “The Mirrored Force Resonance has become one of Armin’s Strom’s most evocative creations, and its evolution has been warmly welcomed by our collectors and partners. The enthusiastic reception and high demand for the First Edition of 25 timepieces mean we can’t wait to show you the Manufacture Edition, which will be unveiled in early 2023.”

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Armin Strom’s patented Resonance Clutch Spring 

Long considered the “holy grail” of watchmaking, the physical phenomenon of resonance enables more regular timekeeping by synchronizing two balance wheels that oscillate in opposite directions at the same time. Throughout the history of watchmaking and even today, watches incorporating this phenomenon are few and far between. In fact, only a handful of watchmakers in the entire history of watchmaking have attempted to harness the potential of resonance, with varying levels of success and reproducible reliability.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

With its groundbreaking and patented Resonance Cluch Spring, Armin Strom has succeeded where other watchmakers could not. Conceived, developed and produced entirely at the Armin Strom manufacture in Biel, the Resonance Clutch Spring is the result of years of intensive research by Claude Greisler and the manufacture. Crafted from a single piece of steel, the Resonance Clutch Spring is designed to transfer energy between both hairsprings and quickly bring the balance wheels into resonance. Armin Strom’s newest generation of resonance is the quickest and most reliable on the market, synchronizing faster than any other watch that uses resonance and remaining in a resonant state longer than any other.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

Thanks to the Resonance Clutch Spring, a flexible suspension connecting the two hairsprings with its balance wheels, all of Armin Strom’s Resonance watches are more resistant to shocks or vibrations than standard mechanical movements. Precision and consistency are, of course, the ultimate goals of mechanical watchmaking and resonance plays a crucial role in helping these amazing watches keep time consistently over days, weeks and months. Armin Strom’s goal is a watch that the owner knows will tell the time consistently, day in and day out. 

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition

The Resonance Clutch Spring is made of steel and performs more consistently than high-tech materials such as silicon, and withstands temperature fluctuations well. It also makes the Resonance Clutch Spring future proof by using proven materials and modern methods to increase longevity and improve serviceability.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance – First Edition Technical specifications

Reference no. ST22-RF.75 – CHF 58,000 / EUR 61,600 / GBP 52,100 / USD 59,000


  • Hours, minutes, seconds 


  • Armin Strom manufacture Calibre ARF21
  • Manual-winding, patented resonance clutch spring, 2 mainspring barrels 
  • Regulating system: two independent regulation systems connected by a resonance clutch spring
  • Power reserve: 48 hours 
  • Dimensions: 37.20 mm x 6.70 mm 
  • Frequency: 3.5 Hz (25,200 vph)
  • Jewels: 39
  • Number of components: 276


  • Stainless steel
  • Sapphire crystal and caseback with anti-reflective treatment
  • Diameter: 43.00 mm
  • Height: 11.55 mm
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM


  • Black Gold coloured with number part azurés and centre mat
  • Hands: Steel, manufactured by Armin Strom, decorated by hand


  • Dark Blue alligator strap with white stitching, pin buckle in stainless steel

First Edition limited to 25 pieces

About Armin Strom
Armin Strom is an independent watch company based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Armin Strom timepieces offer a unique fusion of the Swiss-German horological tradition, avant-garde “transparent mechanics” and an unwavering commitment to horological innovation. The hallmark of the brand’s low-volume, artisanal approach to watchmaking is its commitment to exposed dial-side movement mechanics, with every part hand-finished to the highest hautehorology standards.
Armin Strom was established in 1967 by Mr Armin Strom, a legend in the art of handskeletonization. In 2006, the stewardship of Mr Strom’s legacy became the responsibility of Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler and businessman Serge Michel, who together revitalized the brand with the opening of Armin’s Strom’s first fully-integrated Manufacture in 2009. Today the brand designs, develops, mills, embosses, galvanizes, hand-finishes and assembles all of its own watches in-house, enabling Armin Strom to bring even the most complicated ideas to life without any of the compromises that typically stem from reliance on a supply chain.

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