Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade – Green Sunlight

Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade
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Arnold & Son is celebrating its Double Tourbillon collection with the unveiling of two unique pieces adorned with dazzling green jade and delicate white opal – Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade. The two independent tourbillons and two time zones of this rare model have taken on a new face. The result of high-calibre watchmaking execution, these models are available in either red gold or white gold.

Arnold & Son continues to make advances in the field of exceptional, unique pieces. The Double Tourbillon Jade is also in keeping with collections by the Maison which are adorned with dials featuring expressive, rare stones.

Arnold & Son’s watchmaking has now climbed up a notch in singularity and symbolic strength, producing two unique versions of its Double Tourbillon model with a green jade dial punctuated by two opal sub-dials in immaculate white. The A&S8513 calibre allows its two independent tourbillons to emerge into view above these rare stones. United by a shared main plate, each displays a different time zone.

Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade

A mineral beauty

Arnold & Son had their sights set on jade from Wyoming. This bright green nephrite known as “Apple Green” is slightly veined with black. This brings greater depth, contrast and makes the stone all the more precious. Jade itself is a stone rich in symbolic meaning. A mineral linked to sacred beliefs, traditional medicine and protective rituals of several Asian and Central American civilisations; its cultural significance makes it like no other stone in the world.

The dial plate of the Double Tourbillon Jade has been expertly cut in a very particular way. In the shape of a clover, the main plate allows both dials and tourbillons to emerge to their full height. This complicates the stone cutting and engraving stages, which further underlines the mastery of the work.

Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade

Watchmaking excellence

Arnold & Son’s second major area of expertise is demonstrated by the calibre. The Double Tourbillon Jade movement is integrated into a red gold or white gold case with a diameter of 43.5 mm. Its sapphire crystal is domed, accommodating the height created by the two tourbillons. These are attached to a three-dimensional, skeletonized, cantilevered bridge, and are made in the same gold as the case. They are the culmination of the design, manufacture, finish and adjusting capabilities of Arnold & Son.

Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade


Paying homage to its founder, John Arnold, one of the most inventive watchmakers of his time and of the golden age of chronometry, Arnold & Son has always approached the double time zone with sophistication and precision. Instead of the classic “GMT” system, where an hour hand in the centre indicates the second time zone, Arnold & Son has chosen to give each time zone its own regulating organ: a reminder of the duality of time telling methods – timepieces on one hand, astronomy on the other – used on board English frigates in the 18th century.

The A&S8513 calibre is therefore equipped with two barrels and two crowns that control the two time zones. At midday, the local time is visible in Roman numerals. At six o’clock, Arabic numerals indicate the time of a second, more distant place that has a connection to the wearer. The two time zones are set completely independently down to the minute. Unlike most so-called travel watches, the Double Tourbillon Jade can therefore follow time zones offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes, as is the case with certain countries in Central Asia.

Refined finishes

The structure of the movement can be seen on the back of the Double Tourbillon Jade. The extremely successful finishes, a specialism in Arnold & Son watchmaking, are taken to the highest level. From the radiant Côtes de Genève to the circular-graining on the main plate, double snailing of the barrels, sunray decoration on the crown wheels, and polish on the gold bezels held in place by blued screws, everything about the A&S8513 calibre exudes eminence, craftsmanship and excellence.

Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade Technical Specifications


  • 1DTAR.Z01A.C120R (red gold)
  • 1DTAW.Z01A.C121W (white gold)


  • local hours and minutes (Roman numerals)
  • independent reference hours and minutes (Arabic numerals)


  • Calibre A&S8513, mechanical hand-wound movement
  • Jewels 42
  • Diameter 37.30 mm
  • Height 8.35 mm
  • Power reserve 90 hours
  • Frequency 3 Hz / 21,600 vph
  • Finishes main plate: sunray Côtes de Genève
    • bridges: rhodium (red gold) or NAC (white gold) coated, polished, and chamfered by hand
    • wheels: satin finish
    • bezels: 18-carat gold
    • screws: bevelled, mirror polished heads
    • tourbillon bridges: 18-carat gold, mirror polished with satin finish, polished and chamfered by hand
    • tourbillon cages: polished and chamfered by hand


  • dial base: green jade
  • sub-dials: white opal


  • Material 18-carat white or red gold (5N)
  • Diameter 43.50 mm
  • Crystal domed sapphire, anti-reflective coating on both sides
  • Back sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistant 30 metres/100ft


  • Material alligator leather, hand-stitched
  • Buckle pin, 18-carat white or red gold (5N)

Worldwide retail price

  • CHF 198,000, subject to change (excluding tax)

Unique pieces 1 piece (red gold) and 1 piece (white gold)

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