Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

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A craftsman by passion, Bernard Favre is known for creating some of the finest watch winders. In particular, he is the inventor of the Planet, a mesmerizing gyroscopic watch winder inspired by historical marine chronometers in a gimbal box. The artisan now launches the Crown Ultimate, a superb piece of mechanics to wind hand-wound watches.

Craftsmanship at heart

Reminiscent of yesteryear watchmaking tools, this masterfully crafted object displays a unique sense of artistry and an obvious respect for the watchmaking tradition. Manufactured in the workshop of Bernard Favre in the outskirts of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, it is produced according to the highest quality standards, using carefully selected materials. The Crown Ultimate is made of satin-brushed and polished steel and gold-plated brass. Its functionality is enriched by a wide array of traditional artisanal decorations: screws are flamed-blued screws, wheels feature circular satin finished, knurling adorns knobs…

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

Universal watch winder

The Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate can wound virtually any hand-wound wrist watch.

Firstly, the Crown Ultimate can be adapted to wind watches of all shapes and dimensions. It can be adjusted in no time to the exact dimensions of your watch. Four mobile rods make sure your watch is securely held in place. It can also be rotated or moved vertically to ensure a perfect positioning of your crown, regardless of the design of your watch and of the position of your crown. The silicone end piece in contact with the crown can therefore be precisely positioned to wind your watch efficiently.

Secondly, the Crown Ultimate automatically adjusts to all types of hand-wound movements. A sensor analyses the state of winding of your wristwatch and stops just as your watch is about to be fully wound with no risk of overwinding and damaging the movement.

This smart winding device required more than 2 years of development. It is capable of detecting and analyzing the characteristic sudden increase in resistance of the mainspring when your movement is almost fully wound. It then stops for a few hours before winding your movement again and ensure that your movement keeps running smoothly.

The Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate can therefore wind virtually any hand-wound mechanical watch (24mm to 60mm – typically the Crown Ultimate cannot operate for watches whose crown is protected by a bridge although a version capable of winding such watches is under development.

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

User-friendly operation

The Crown Ultimate provides user-friendly operations and an instruction video make things simple and clear.

All you need to do is:

1 – Set the watch in place on its support. Adjust the four mobile rods to make sure it is secured in place. If needed rotate and/or move the watch support up and down using the dedicated knobs to make sure the crown is facing the winder’s silicon pad.

2 – Position the winding unit. Make sure that the winder’s silicon pad exerts sufficient force on the crown. To do so adjust the lateral positioning of the winding unit using the end knob so that the pad is firmly but gently applied on the crown.

Once these initial settings are performed, you only need to switch your Crown Ultimate on to wind your watch.

The Crown Ultimate is delivered in a made-to-measure flight case. It comes with a USB cable and it is fitted with a rechargeable battery ensuring 12 months of autonomy.

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

Limited Edition

The Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate is a limited edition 68 pieces. A plate screwed to the winder is engraved with each individual limited-edition number. Bernard Favre also offers customization possibilities for individuals or brands.

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate

Bernard Favre Crown Ultimate Technical Specifications

130 x 260 x150 mm including the glass protection + aluminium flight case

Weight : 9kg included flight case

Steel, gold-plated brass, flame-blued screws, drummed goatskin leather

Limited numbered edition of 68 pieces

CHF 13.800.00

Customization on request

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