Breguet Writing Instruments


Breguet Writing Instruments
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Breguet has been synonymous with luxury, creativity and refinement for centuries. In the literature, Breguet timepieces are described as mystical objects. Numerous poets and writers have immortalized the brand in their works. John Fowles once wrote: “He pulls out a watch, a Breguet, (…) an instrument that came from the workbench of the greatest of all watchmakers.”

Breguet Writing Instruments

Breguet is characterized by the timeless aesthetics of its unmistakable timepieces. The Breguet style, inspired by neoclassicism, impresses above all with its simplicity: clear lines and functional attributes. The memorable details resemble a signature for unique watchmaking and give each individual watch its individuality. Breguet watches impress with their unmistakable personality – the typical “Pomme” hands in cornflower blue or the hand-turned, artfully engine-turned dial. The writing instruments collection “Classique“ is inspired by the watch collection of the same title, from its hand-guilloché motives, its fine flutings, to its characteristically formed ‘open-tipped’ hands. The collection attracts the eye through its entirely hand-guilloché surface on the pen and cap, both in solid silver. The ends are each crowned with a ring in typical Breguet Blue on the subtly fluted caps. The clip, formed like the well-known Breguet hands, completes the familiar design.

Breguet Writing Instruments "Tradition"

The intentionally minimalist ‘Tradition’ range of writing instruments is boldly inspired by the eponymous watch collection. It was conceived in titanium – an innovative material used by Breguet for the bottom plate and bridges of its Tradition Répétition Minutes Tourbillon model. The matt finish of the barrel and cap of the ‘Tradition’ writing instruments recalls the NAC surface treatment that gives the Tradition movements a sand-blasted appearance. The clip in the form of a Breguet watch hand and the rings in 18-carat gold combine to create an elegant contrast, endowing these pieces with a fresh and contemporary allure. The ring separating the barrel from the cap is exquisitely and painstakingly hand-guilloché by the Breguet craftsmen who make the watch dials. In 18-carat white gold and rose gold versions, the ‘Tradition’ writing instruments are available as a pen – convertible into a ballpoint, rollerball or felt pen – a mechanical pencil, particularly suitable for technical drawing, and a fountain pen with plunger and cartridges and a gold nib engraved with a sun and the inscription ‘1775’, the year the House of Breguet was founded.

Breguet Writing Instrument "Reine de Naples"

The writing instruments collection ‘Reine de Naples’ comes in two versions. Jewelry enthusiasts will be delighted by the diamond-set satin-brushed edition, with haute couture curves, while clients seeking discreet elegance can opt for the polished model with pure lines. The two ‘Reine de Naples’ writing instrument ranges are in solid silver. The clip echoes the characteristic and delicate oval-shaped cases of the Reine de Naples timepiece collection. They are decorated with a mother-of-pearl engraved with the letter B. The ring of the barrel and the cap of these writing instruments is also guilloché and echoes the grooves adorning the sides of Breguet timepieces.

Breguet Writing Instruments "Classique"

Breguet “Classique”

Characteristics: plunger fountain pen, roller pen and pencil in solid silver. Central ring hand-guilloché in ‘flutings’ and ‘border’ style. Cap in solid silver guilloché and engraved with the Breguet signature. Plunger fountain pen comes with a quill made from 18-carat white gold. Clip in the shape of a Breguet ‘open-tipped’ hand.

Breguet Writing Instruments "Tradition"

Breguet “Tradition”

Characteristics: matt titanium barrel guilloché with a border on the sides and engraved with the Breguet signature. Rings in 18-carat white gold. Central ring in 18-carat white gold, hand-guilloché in ‘flutings’ and ‘border’ style. Matt titanium cap guilloché with a border on the sides and engraved with the Breguet signature. Clip in 18-carat white gold in the shape of a Breguet ‘open-tipped’ hand. Nib in 18-carat white gold hand-engraved with a sun and the year 1775. Also available in rose gold.

Breguet Writing Instrument "Reine de Naples"

Breguet “Reine de Naples”

Characteristics: barrel in polished or satin-finished solid silver. Hand-guilloché ring in ‘flutings’ style. Cap in polished or satin-finished solid silver with hand-guilloché ring in ‘flutings’ style. Hand-guilloché oval-shaped clip made from mother-of-pearl and engraved with the letter B. Satin-finished case set with 14 diamonds.

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