Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

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A watch like no other – Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours. This Snoopy-inspired watch, on the famous Franck Muller Crazy Hours model, is full of unique characteristics. As the name Crazy Hours suggests, the hour numerals on the dial are not in the traditional order. In fact, most of this watch is untraditional in the most playful and eye-catching way.

Featuring Snoopy on the dial, the complex and clever mechanical movement which allows the hour hand to jump to the next in the correct order, is further highlighted with Snoopy’s arms as the hour and minutes hands.

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

Snoopy’s faithful sidekick, Woodstock, features twice on the dial and surrounding Snoopyare luminous concentric circles bringing the dial even more to life when in the dark. On a matte black stainless steel case, Snoopy and Woodstock are bold to the eye in black and white on a black dial with grey numerals and text. Paired with a black hand-sewn fabric strap, every part of this design has been carefully, and playfully, designed.

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

Working on the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch has been so much fun. I cannot stop smiling when I look at this watch as there are so many cool elements to it. Adding Snoopy to this crazy dial and using his arms to point to the numerals is amazing. I love using the iconic concentric circular pattern around Snoopy, and what takes this watch to the next level is the luminous effect used on the dial. I also love having Woodstock in wonderful places throughout this piece. It really is a culmination of so many things I adore.George Bamford, Bamford Watch Department

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

This 25-piece limited edition is housed in a unique box with a splash of colour highlighting the Crazy Hours design, as well as Snoopy and Woodstock making an appearance.

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

Pricing available on request and available from Bamford Watch Department.

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours

Franck Muller x Bamford Watch Department Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours Technical Specification:

MODEL: Crazy Hours Cintrée Curvex
TYPE: 8880 CH


  • Uncoordinated jumping hours, minutes


  • MVD FM 2800-CHR,
  • Self-winding movement with bidirectional rotor system,
  • 42 hour power reserve,
  • 274 components,
  • 19 jewels,
  • Balance wheel frequency set at 28,800 alternations per hour
  • Decoration:
    • Côtes de Geneve and brushing soleil papier on the bridges,
    • Circular graining on the two sides of the main plate,
    • Chamfering of the bridges, 24k gold bath and rhodium plating of the component,
    • 24k gold finish on the written engravings,
    • Brushing soleil papier of the rotor ball bearing and on the barrel,
    • Polished and blued screws


  • Matte Black Stainless Steel, Hand Brushed, Rhodium Plating
  • Crown: Matte Black Stainless steel
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Diameter: 39.6mm
  • Thickness: 11.8mm
  • Matte Black Stainless Steel caseback
  • Water-resistance: 30 ATM


  • Lined Super Luminova,
  • GL Black,
  • Numerals meticulously painted and applied by hand

Strap & Buckle

  • Black Hand Sewn Fabric Strap
  • Brushed Matte Black Stainless Steel, Hand Polished, Rhodium Plating

About Bamford Watch Department

Bamford Watch Department was born out of a desire to re-discover the lost art of personalisation in an age of mass production, and has been leading the way in customised luxury timepieces ever since. As the first company to offer full personalisation of the world’s most iconic watches, BWD offer a bespoke customisation service that takes its inspiration from the boutique craftsmen of the past.

Bamford Watch Department has become a sensation in the luxury world, with an extensive array of exciting and exclusive limited edition designs, high-profile collaborations, a fully client-focused service with stockists all over the globe.

Our design team continually create masterworks of watch artistry, from the quirky to the quintessential, the extravagant to the sophisticated, simultaneously becoming a part of horological history and expanding the range of luxury watches, while maintaining the integrity of such iconic and treasured timepieces.George Bamford, Founder, Bamford Watch Department.

About Franck Muller and Crazy Hours models

Franck Muller revolutionised the world of watch making with a totally innovative approach to the very notion of time. As a matter of fact, the Crazy Hours establishes a new philosophy and proclaims independence from the established order of time.

Since the earliest sun dials, the watch hands have always moved in chronological order from 1 to 12 and the association of the zenith with noon is so strong that nobody needs to recognise the numeral 12 in order to know what time it is. Crazy Hours offers a new reading of time. With the Crazy Hours models, time becomes a value that is personal, individual, and unique. The numerals on the dial of the Crazy Hours are presented in an unconventional order. At the same time, however, the reading of the hours remains precise. Thanks to a patented mechanism, the central hour hand literally jumps from the numerals one to twelve placed randomly on the dial, whereas the central minutes hand moves in a conventional way.

Time becomes a value that is personal, individual, and unique. You find yourself eagerly waiting at each 59th minute to observe the Crazy Hours mesmerizing jump. The collection is designed to express the concept of time, as an abstract construct, that time is ultimately what one makes of it.

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