MING 17.09: It’s slightly complicated

MING 17.09
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MING Watches is saying goodbye to their fantastic 17 series – a gorgeous collection acclaimed by critics, media and especially by collectors. So this is your chance to grab one of the last models… Please find below the official press release issued by the independent brand.

MING 17.09

We begin the farewell to our popular 17-series with the 17.09: an evolved daily wearer with new, extra functionality and overall design updates. We also aim to address the increase in demand with a new ordering system which should allow more collectors to experience a MING.

MING 17.09

Version 2.0

For the first time, we bring laser-etched, lume-filled sapphire to our entry-level watch: the indices have now moved to the underside of the top crystal and glow with a new intensity. They reflect the graphic design language first shown on the MING 18.01 H41 and 27.01, and are complimented by a bold new handset derived from the 20.01 Chronographs.

MING 17.09

The dial is now a two-piece construction with a fine Clous-de-Paris pattern in the centre and a circular brushed outer portion, creating a very dynamic presentation as ambient light changes. The MING 17.09 will be available in burgundy and blue dial variants paired with matched straps by Jean Rousseau Paris and they offer two very distinct personalities. The straps are complimented with our flying blade buckle in stainless steel.

MING 17.09

The polished and brushed 316L stainless steel case has also received some proportional revisions for greater wrist presence, but remains a very wearable 38mm to cater for a wide variety of wrist sizes. Lugs have been reprofiled with a continuous twist that extends the brushing continuously from the case flanks through to the underside of the lugs, while retaining our signature flare.

MING 17.09

Not just cosmetic changes

We have worked with our partners Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne to develop an independent hour hand adjustment mechanism, based on the Sellita SW330-2. This complication and modification is exclusive to MING.

MING 17.09

The intermediate crown position now advances the hour hand independently to the rest of the gear train, which continues to run. This is both useful for daylight savings time as well as for when travel resumes globally. Both hands can of course be adjusted together in the third crown position, where the movement also hacks.

MING 17.09

Improved access

We are very aware of the frustration experienced by some collectors due to restricted availability of previous watches and believe we have devised a solution to this. The first batch of watches will be made available to existing customers and deliveries will begin in July 2021; some of these will also be made available to the public. We will then offer another batch for a fixed period of time, on a deposit basis, with a longer delivery date. To keep our production logistics manageable, the ordering window will be limited to 10 minutes, but we guarantee that all orders placed during this period will receive a watch.

MING 17.09

Pricing and delivery

The MING 17.09 is priced at CHF 1,950 in both variants and includes shipping worldwide. Orders open on 15 April 2021, 1PM GMT and watches are available exclusively from www.ming.watch.

We will have three order batches with Batch 1 for existing customers only, with 75x of each variant, and orders opening 14 April 2021. Access details will be e-mailed directly to existing customers who have purchased a watch directly from us. Please note that accessories and secondary market watch purchases do not qualify.

Batch 2 is open to everyone, includes 150x of each variant, with deliveries beginning in October 2021. Orders open 15 April 2021 at 1PM GMT, or:

  • 6AM in San Francisco
  • 9AM in New York
  • 2PM in London
  • 3PM in Geneva
  • 5PM in Dubai
  • 9PM in Kuala Lumpur
  • 11PM in Melbourne
Finally, we have a time limited batch, also for everyone and we will take orders from 16 April 2021, 1PM GMT to 1.10PM GMT, or:

  • 6AM-6.10AM in San Francisco
  • 9AM-9.10AM in New York
  • 2PM-2.10PM in London
  • 3PM-3.10PM in Geneva
  • 5PM-5.10PM in Dubai
  • 9PM-9.10PM in Kuala Lumpur
  • 11PM-11.10PM in Melbourne

For this time limited batch:

  • All orders received during the ten (10) minute window will be guaranteed a watch
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of order, with the balance when the watch is ready to ship
  • Delivery will begin in March 2022 and conclusion depends on how many watches we have to make
  • Once this ten minute period expires, we will not take any further orders. These variants of the 17.09 will be discontinued and not produced again
  • Further rationale for this time limited batch can be found here
A few cordial reminders:
  • Watches are only available at www.ming.watch on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There is a limit of one per variant for each customer.
  • We are unable to offer cart holds at this time, so adding a watch to the shopping cart does not guarantee allocation. Orders are only confirmed once payment has been processed.
  • We will email everybody on the respective lists but we have limited control over servers and syncing and cannot guarantee emails will arrive exactly on time.
  • At this time, we accept payments via VISA and MasterCard only.
  • Payment approvals and automated fraud checks are conducted by the issuing bank and not under our control. To avoid hiccups during checkout, we recommend informing your bank about the transaction in advance. Payments are captured in Malaysia, the currency for the payment is Swiss Francs (CHF) and the entity is ‘Horologer MING’.

MING 17.09 Gallery

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