Sinn Spezialuhren EZM 12 and HUNTING WATCH 3006 – “Winner” in the “Excellent Product Design 2020” category

EZM 12 and HUNTING WATCH 3006 by Sinn Spezialuhren receive awards for outstanding design quality at the German Design Award: Excellent Product Design 2020

Sinn Spezialuhren EZM 12 and HUNTING WATCH 3006
Sinn Spezialuhren EZM 12 and HUNTING WATCH 3006
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Sinn Spezialuhren is honoured with the German Design Award: “Excellent Product Design 2020”. The EZM 12 and the HUNTING WATCH 3006 receive the award that the highly esteemed panel of judges bestows only on products demonstrating a superb design. Presentation of the awards is to take place in February 2020 in Frankfurt.

SINN EZM12 - Red Dot Award and German Design Award with pocket knife
SINN EZM12 – Red Dot Award and German Design Award with pocket knife

EZM 12 – Designed for the air rescue service.

Every rescue mission carried out by emergency doctors means a fight against time to save lives. For such life-saving missions, we have developed the EZM 12 for air rescue operations.

SINN 3006 Hunting Watch - German Design Award
SINN 3006 Hunting Watch – German Design Award

HUNTING WATCH 3006 – The chronograph with moonlight display.

Moonlight stalking with the Hunting Watch 3006. As the Federal Hunting Act (Bundesjagdgesetz) prohibits hunting with the aid of artificial light sources, the chronograph has been fitted with a luminous moonlight display, which indicates the “full moon” period. Equipped with additional SINN technologies, the Hunting Watch 3006, meets the demand for a robust and accurate instrument for professional hunting.

Design quality unites both award-winning products

The German Design Award sets the highest of standards for determining its award winners: during the course of an exacting nomination procedure, only those products with design qualities that demonstrably set them apart from their competition will be selected by the expert panels from the “Rat für Formgebung” (German Design Council) to participate in the competition.

More than 5,000 nominated products were submitted to the panel of judges. The international panel of judges is composed of design experts from industry, teaching and science as well as the design industry. All members of the panel of judges are recognised experts in their fields. During a two-day assessment process, the panel makes a final, well-founded decision on the design quality of the presentations. As part of the evaluation process, the panel attaches great importance to criteria such as the degree of innovation, functionality and usability, technical quality and function, as well as durability and ergonomics.

“We are really pleased with this award – it confirms our principle of developing and designing watches in strict conformity with the relevant requirements”, comments Lothar Schmidt, qualified engineer, owner of Sinn Spezialuhren.

About the company

The name Sinn Spezialuhren stands for highly functional mechanical timepieces used by pilots, divers, firefighters, emergency doctors, rescue workers, special units of the German police force such as the GSG 9, Germany’s commando frogman force KSM (Kommando Spezialkräfte der Marine) and the special unit of the German Central Customs Support Group ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll). In particular, it is with technologies like DIAPAL, Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, HYDRO, TEGIMENT and Magnetic Field Protection that SINN watches continually show their durability, longevity, quality and precision both in everyday life and in extreme situations. During the development process, SINN Spezialuhren bases the design of its watches firmly on the required functionality.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is awarded by the German Design Council, the German Brand and Design Organisation. Its commission from the highest authority: to represent new developments in the German design industry. Established as a foundation in 1953 at the initiative of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament), it currently supports industry internationally in achieving consistent added brand value through design. This makes the German Design Council a leading centre of excellence, worldwide, for communication and brand management in the field of design. In addition to trade associations and institutions, its exclusive network of foundation members includes the owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies.

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