Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel

The Pilot, the Traveller, the Talented – Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel

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Today I will present you the multi-talented Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel. Yes, a quartz watch. Not your usual mechanical piece, but smart and good looking. Not today’s meaning of smart but the classic clean, tidy, and well dressed smart… And if you don’t know the brand, the Gavox Watches, and this piece already, it is the perfect introduction.

The Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel - one of the most amazing quartz watches available.
The Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel – one of the most amazing quartz watches available.

Review Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel

My search for the perfect pilot watch continues. In an unexpected way, might say. But I never said I will only go in one direction. And the Aurora is a complete watch. Maybe the most complete. Yes, for hardcore mechanical obsessed collectors, this is out of the accepted spectrum. So, if you are not open-minded enough, you can stop here and come back when you are ready to embrace the fact that great watches exist – with a synthetic quartz hearth.

I was introduced to the Aurora directly by Michael Happe, the brand’s owner and mastermind. He is one of the friendliest and nicest guys at any watch gathering. He has fantastic ideas and most of them are transformed, or will be transformed into reality. Even if Aurora is not the most authentic “Pilot watch” between the Gavox Collections, it is one of Mike’s ideas.

Michael Happe (photo taken during Aurochronos 2018)

I am proud to unveil this Gavox Aurora. I have been working very hard to combine design,technology and ergonomy. I trust you will appreciate the details & ingenuity that makes this watch a world first.” – Michael Happe

The Aurora was designed using feedback from real pilots. The watches are equipped with navigational features such as fly-back mission timer and countdown. An important piece of information is the fact that Gavox watches supplied Belgian and Romanian airforce squadrons. So wristed with Aurora, you got a real deal. A true professional.

Below, me as a penguin: willing to but never able to fly. I don’t even know how to use this watch. It is not that complex. I mean, it is, but I have no idea how to use it. I will ask Mike to make a short clip presenting the watch functionality. Until then, a watch roll.

A case prepared for everything

And I mean everything. The 43mm diameter steel case is polished with a granularity that hides superficial scratches. The crown is well protected and pushers are vigorous. The watch is prepared to face water down to a level of 10 ATM (333 ft). More than we will ever reach. We, the desk pilots, desk divers.

The brushed surfaces have a nice tactile feeling but, most important, it will keep the watch good looking even after some more brutal handling.
The embossed crown is protected by two solid bumps. The push-buttons are corpulent and prepared for the worse.
Gavox Aurora side and lugs
The lugs are solid and relatively short. A curved design assures a nice appearance. Note the overall present brushed finish.

A dial made for explorers

Regardless traveller, enthusiast or pros, regardless day or night, the Gavox Aurora is gifted with all you need. Including a perpetual calendar. For the low light, the watch is rich in Swiss Superluminova DGW9. In all the right places.

A full view of the Aurora's dial
A full view of Aurora’s dial. The lower subdial is designated to show the used function. In this case – the timer.
The left side dial is a counter that doubles as date and triples as moon phase indication.
Inner bezel
The inner bezel is used as an indicator for the perpetual calendar: four years presented in full.
As a professional tool, the subdials are semi-circles filled with a circular pattern. In this way, it is prevented that by overlapping hand critical information to be lost or misinterpreted.
Gavox Aurora lume shot
As you can easily notice, the low light is no issue for this watch. All info is there, perfectly visible.

A movement like no other

Of course, I cannot talk about movement finishes. But I can tell you that it is the result of three years of research. The movement is capable of displaying, by a click of a button (or two) the most important function need it in any watch. Including non-standard time zones with a difference of 15, 30 or 45 minutes from the reference. Plus, the Gavox Aurora is capable of 31 hours countdown. Or 31 hours chrono counter with split and flyback features.

But the most important detail, at least for me, is the 4 to 7 years battery life. Depending, of course, on the usage. It is a great technical achievement.

The back view of the Gavox Aurora with the brand's logo.
The back view of the Gavox Aurora with the brand’s logo.
Gavox Aurora strap and buckle
The Aurora can be fitted with various straps: leather or textile, standard or NATO, in several colours. Just to fit your needs or preferences.

For your adventurous spirit

The Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel is one of the most complex and complete watches out there. Comfortable on the wrist, the watch has a powerful presence, regardless day or night. The Aurora is available in several case colour variants: steel, black DLC and gold. All look good, so it is a matter of personal preferences.

The Gavox Aurora is prepared for adventure. It is capable of being the perfect professional. When I think about Aurora 446.0, I think of 1001 Nights stories. The only watch capable to withstand and help to a carpet night flight, running from forty thieves. So get your inner Aladin or Ali Baba out of you and transform it into a free genie.

Gavox Aurora on the wrist
Wristed with the Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel

Gavox Aurora 446.0 Steel Specification and Price

  • Measurements Ø 43 x 50.5 x 12 mm
  • Measure between lugs 22mm
  • Autonomy between 4 to 7 years depending on mode usage
  • Analogue watch with 4 hands (1 for the mode, 3 for the information).
  • Day and night visibility thanks to luminous hands and markings. Swiss Superluminova DGW9.
  • UTC time reference, and local time by increments of 15 minutes.
  • Countdown from up to 31 hours, with visual alarm.
  • Mission chronograph to 31 hours, with split and flyback features.
  • Perpetual calendar with simultaneous indication of date, day, month and leap year.
  • Moon phase.
  • Surgical 316L stainless steel, highly impervious to salt and sweat.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with inner anti-reflection coating.
  • Water-resistance to a pressure of 10 ATM (333 ft).
  • Serial number.
  • $1.740,00 TAX Incl / 1.500,00 TAX Incl   

For more information, please visit Gavox Watches Website.


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