Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
A miniature Eden…

The splendor of rare gems: Fire Opal and Fanta Opal from the Chiapas caves of Mexico (both presented for the first time), Yellow Opal from Brazil, Australian Chrysoprase, Arizona Topaz and Peruvian Amethyst.

Beauregard invites you to discover an exceptional boxed set of 6 creations, and enter a wondrous winter garden.
An enchanting array of colors, technical prowess grounded in centuries-old mastery Beauregard reimagines women’s watchmaking, giving birth to a refined aesthetic elegance.
By sublimating the beauty of nature on its Haute Joaillerie dials, Beauregard initiates an artistic dialogue between the world of Gems and the art of Time.

A watchmaking universe that resonates with the world of Haute Couture.

6 boxed sets will be released, only 1 will be crafted each year

Official Launch during Watches & Wonders 2024

Beauregard unveils Jardin d’hiver (Winter Garden)

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Beauregard is proud to unveil the ‘Jardin d’hiver’ boxed set in a very limited edition. Each of the six sets reveals a sumptuous bouquet of Lili Bouton timepieces, exquisitely crafted in 18K rose gold, illuminated by Flawless diamonds, and adorned with Haute a Joaillerie gemstone dials. Each piece embodies a vibrant visual journey, an invitation to explore the myriad nuances of an enchanted world.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
Beauregard Jardin d’hiver

The enchantment began in a moment of exchange, a connection between Alexandre Beauregard and his clients at the Dubai Watch Week. Drawing inspiration from the splendor and chromatic variety of an idyllic ‘winter garden’ in eternal bloom, ‘Jardin d’hiver’ emerged.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
Beauregard Jardin d’hiver

Two masterpieces, crafted in Fire Opals and Fanta Opals from Chiapas, Mexico, stand out.

The Crown jewels of this boxed set are the Lili Bouton pieces with dials crafted from Fire Opal and Fanta Opal from the Chiapas region in Mexico. Beauregard proudly introduces these for the first time, exclusively for the ‘Jardin d’hiver’ collection. These gems, so rare and very much sought-after, were chosen for their exceptional color. Alexandre Beauregard highlights the opals’ rarity and allure, noting that they maintain a vibrant, intense, and deep color even when finely cut – defying the common fate of gemstones to diminish in color intensity when thinly sliced.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’

The set is rounded off by 4 Lili Bouton pieces respectively adorned with dials crafted from Yellow Brazilian Opal, Australian Chrysoprase, Arizona Topaz and Peruvian Amethyst, taking you on a unique and enchanting chromatic journey.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
Alexandre Beauregard

Each finely chiseled petal is polished by a patient hand, elevating each fragment of stone to the status of a work of art. They are the foundations of a miniature Eden, a cornucopia of precious stones that blossom on the dial.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’

To craft each dial, beginning with a substantial inventory of raw stones is essential. And yet, most of these gems are destined to remain untouched, underscoring the selectivity and exactitude of the process. Of the stones that do make it past this initial selection, only a minuscule portion will be expertly cut and polished, finally gracing the dial of a Lili Bouton.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
Alexandre Beauregard

Nestled in an 18K rose gold case and adorned with Flawless diamonds, Lili Bouton reflects the essence of Beauregard: an artistic dialogue between the World of Gemstones and the Art of Time.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’

Conceived in Montreal and brought to life through Swiss excellence, ‘Jardin d’hiver’ is the product of a dream and a touch of folly, crafted with finesse and offered with the passion of its creator. Each boxed set reflects the union of creative madness and masterful craftsmanship.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’
Beauregard Jardin d’hiver

More than a collection of watches, Beauregard‘s ‘winter garden’ is a celebration of art, of colour and of the beauty of flowers. With this highly exclusive series, Beauregard invites watch and jewelry lovers to discover a world where time is measured in precious stones.

Beauregard ‘Jardin d’hiver’ Boxed Set Technical Specifications

Set of 6 Lili Bouton timepieces with dials crafted from:

  • Fire Opal, and
  • Fanta Opal from Chiapas, Mexico
  • Yellow Brazilian Opal
  • Australian Chrysoprase
  • Arizona Topaz
  • Peruvian Amethyst

The two Lili Bouton watches with dials in Fire Opal and Fanta Opal from Chiapas in Mexico are made for the first time and exclusively for the ‘Jardin d’hiver’ set.

The set is elegantly housed in a bespoke, luxurious leather-clad case, masterfully crafted in Geneva, epitomizing the art and craftsmanship of Haute Gainerie.


  • Quartz movement (ETA E01.701) with a frequency 32,768 Hz and 5 functional jewels
  • Hours and Minutes
  • Entirely crafted and assembled in Switzerland


  • Hands and central ring in 18K gold
  • 33 hand-polished stone petals
  • 18K gold baseplate set with 36 Flawless diamonds
  • Entirely crafted and assembled in Switzerland, except for the stones, which are hand-polished in Beauregard’s Montreal workshops

Watch case

  • 18K gold, set with 88 Flawless diamonds
  • 33 mm x 8.30 mm in size
  • Shaped sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both sides
  • Water-resistant to 3 ATM (30 meters)
  • Entirely crafted and assembled in Switzerland

Strap & Buckle

  • Natural satin with 18K gold pin buckle
  • Entirely crafted and assembled in Switzerland

Retail price: 230,000.00 CHF (excluding VAT)
One box delivered per year; first box delivered in 2024
Official launch at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024

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