DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

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David Candaux presents together with Mikki Saturno the all-new DC7 Genesis Piece Unique for Only Watch by D.Candaux & Saturno.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

The story started by coincidence, when David and Saturno met a while ago and David told Saturno about his work on the new DC7 Genesis. It turned out that without even knowing, both artists had worked in a creation which they both called “Genesis”.

Saturno was inspired from the first part of the Bible; Genesis 3:15: “The seed of the woman”. Whereas David combined three generations of watchmakers craftsmen and poured his soul and creativity into an essential timepiece that is minimalistic in the extreme, DC7 Genesis, “Coming into being something” marking a return to David Candaux´s fundamentals.

The two artists also found out that they were both born in the same year; another coincidence.

Was this a sign of Genesis?

Being both born in the same year and having worked without knowing on a same project called Genesis took only a “yes” on deciding to create a very special and unique timepiece for the good cause of Only Watch.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

David Candaux and Saturno started to exchange their ideas and knowledge about Genesis. They combined all their knowledge and creativity for this project to create a masterpiece for Only Watch to support the charity auction.

David started to work on the development of the timepiece and Saturno started to design the dial of this incredible and unique masterpiece.

The DC7 Genesis box was fully hand painted by Saturno. It is the first time that an artist like Saturno designs a dial for a D.Candaux timepiece. Saturno is also known for creating the latest album of Chris Brown “Indigo”.

David Candaux and Saturno worked closely together to create a masterpiece of perfection for this very special timepiece for Only Watch. Both artists gave their heart and soul to create this beautiful masterpiece with all their experience and high-end techniques of craftsmanship.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

“We both hope that with this unique masterpiece, we will find people who will honour our work and together, we can support this good cause” David Candaux & Saturno.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

The watchmaker has pared back everything that possibly could be. Every line of the case and the movement has been crafted to produce absolutely perfect symmetry, with the proportions drawing inspiration directly from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The design of the movement features differently inclined surfaces, improving both comfort and readability.

A movement replete with inclined planes

Whether viewed from the front or the rear, the DC7 is probably the only timepiece in the world to be perfectly symmetrical along the vertical axis running from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. On the dial side, this harmony is an achievement in its own right, given that the watch also features a biplanar tourbillon at 12 o’clock, set at 3° to the case. Inside the unique purple tourbillon cage, the balance wheel is inclined by a further 30°, reducing timekeeping drift caused by impacts and motion. The whole structure is housed within a dial that is itself inclined at a 3° angle to the case to provide optimum readability.

In a nutshell, the DC7 Genesis and its layered dial present a series of angles and vanishing lines that create unprecedented fluidity: the multiple inclines merge and interact to form a harmonious, coherent, readable, and natural whole.

Technical, symmetrical – and unique

Nevertheless, the innards of the DC7 Genesis scale yet further heights of ambition, with a movement that is also perfectly symmetrical. This too is a technical feat: generally, each moving part, gear, jewel, and bridge imposes its own technical requirements on the aesthetic vision, and in most cases the latter has no option but to adjust accordingly. Not so with the DC7 Genesis: David Candaux has managed to design a movement that is also perfectly symmetrical around the same 12 o’clock – 6 o’clock axis. To do so, the watchmaker has produced a completely new movement: the calibre 1700. Made from titanium, it has no fewer than 189 components and 28 olive-domed jewels, polished and rounded in the traditional way, and weighing in at just 24 grammes.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

Harmony and readability

David Candaux is perfectly at ease amid all the intricacies of watchmaking construction and puts his skill to full use in the architecture of the DC7 Genesis. The various angles at which the components are set blend together in complete and subtle fluidity, serving the twin goals of harmony and readability.

By having a dial slanted at a three-degree angle to the case, down towards the crown at 6 o’clock, David provides the optimum angle of readability for the wearer – and adds a discreet stylistic touch as he does so: the dial’s surround has been kept horizontal, parallel to the sapphire crystal and case. As a result, the gap between the central dial and its surround is narrower at 12 o’clock and wider at 6 o’clock, creating a subtle variation in perspective.

And there’s more. The absolute unique designed dial by Saturno, which features the symbolic of Genesis, is slightly rounded, spoting at 12 o´clock the biplanar flying 30° tourbillon.

The gently curved, skeletonised hands, marked with red Swiss Super-LumiNova®, follow its contours.

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D.Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

The piece as a whole is protected by a sapphire crystal, extending over the secret, retractable crown, covered by two patents and positioned at 6 o’clock, beyond the titanium plates engraved with Candaux and Saturno.

For the bridges, David Candaux has devised a never-before-seen decoration, made using Turkish oil stone, almost impossible to find today. Combined with a certain type of wood and oil, it can be used to achieve a perfectly uniform, finely frosted surface, in contrast with the perfect sheen of the bridges’ black polished angles.

The DC7 Genesis by D.Candaux & Saturno is waterproof to depths of 50 metres, and comes with a high-end rubber strap fitted with a Velcro band, making it elegant and comfortable to wear on all occasions.

The timepiece will come with two caoutchouc Velcro straps in orange and purple.


“which from the beginning was his element”

Saturno (Miguel Angel Sanchez) born on 6/25/1979 in Malgrat de Mar, a coastal town in northern Spain. He spends his childhood and adolescence at school with a great lack of interest and with the “bad student” sign on his back. He looks for that motivation and inspiration on covers of VHS tapes, movie theaters and at arcades that he had in his neighborhood near his house. This was his source of inspiration for years until the arrival of illustration books and later the internet. His passion for science fiction, fantasy and his constant dedication, gave fruit to a world-famous personal brand.


He began spray painting at the age of 14, he spent his adolescence immersed in graffiti. Dozens of graffiti magazines hung on his shelves and by mail he exchanged his photos and sketches with other artists from other cities and countries. Little by little he begins to stand out as a street artist at a national level. In 2000, he studies some drawing, graphic design and airbrushing. He spends some years between painting and regular jobs. In 2006, he set up his studio focused on advertising and graphic design, which he maintained until he began tattooing in 2008. After years of combining tattoo and painting, he decided to bet everything on painting, which from the beginning was his element, his true passion. In 2016, he would travel to the city of Los Angeles for the first time. After 4 years of traveling back and forth he has managed to leave a mark not only in America but also on the international scene.



Details of the cover I made for Chris Brown INDIGO album. When he commissioned me to do this cover he was very clear about wanting to convey, ‘The Indigo Generation” as the concept including crystal glass as title letters. I had some understanding of the subject before, but it was not until then that I began to research it more in-depth. On the cover, you can see human consciousness, religion, political powers, greed, indoctrination, obsolete education, and new era awakening. I placed Pisces and Aquarius constellations, in order to show the change of cycle or change of era. You can also find a mythological being with armor that represents the superior intelligence, sending information of the universe and us as being the receivers. The codifier that society needs for its evolution. Aliens in flying saucers representing the consciousness of the indigos as evolved extraterrestrials, advanced consciousness capable of feeling and seeing the world in another way and acquiring that knowledge of the universe. 1950 the second generation, 11 :11l the number of the angel and the awakening of the conscience … these are just some of the elements that I wanted to share with you today. 250 hours worth of work explained in few words but I hope to someday explain in more detail.


My second grand production in the festival of contemporary art that is celebrated in the city of Miami named Art Basel. This is the first time I visited Miami, and I knew I wanted to leave something special on one of the walls of Wynwood. This is the place where everything related to art happens from murals to art galleries especially during these specific dates. I had the opportunity to work again with Superchief Gallery, which gave me this opportunity along with Mana to participate in Art Basel 2019. What is Mana Wynwood? It is a nexus of events production and media communication with a global outreach and it’s capacity to harbor important cinematography productions and other affluent matters, their vision is to become one of the most well-known cultural and arts centers of Miami. It is at their central location where I was able to create this work grand scale work of art. More concretely, I was painting one of the walls of the main entrance to the famous Mana Contemporary Center. Thousands of people were able to see the process day to day, 9 days without rest, working more than 10 hours a day barely stopping for a break or food but it was well worth it and the result speaks for itself. I am delighted with the mural and it’s media acceptance.


In this piece, I show how thoughts constantly saturate and fog our subconscious, it takes the reins of our lives, but it is deep down in our subconscious that we receive the most purest essence of who we truly are. I chose the figure of a Gator because it is typical to find one in Florida, the rough texture of their skin with the delicacy of the porcelain and the drawings of flowers and leaves makes this an interesting mix. On it’s back a teapot. The teapot is a representation of our mind, always boiling, without rest, without pause. It is the perfect balance between the volatile and the present which teaches us to understand that nothing is more important than to stay in and be in our conscious. She boils and from her all the thoughts that subject us day by day in the form of steam. The gold armor represents our subconscious, in her we can appreciate the initials of things that are important to me, family, goals and experiences. The subconscious is always present, on our backs and we aren’t always aware of that, it is the most precious, the most valuable thing we have, what reminds us of how immense we are and how through signs it tries guiding us towards the most positive and correct side of our lives.



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