RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

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RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

Inspired by the counter of the mythical 356 Speedster automobile, the new RESERVOIR Kanister Silver
inaugurates a silver-coloured dial and the new RESERVOIR RSV-240 horological calibre, offering a power reserve of 56 hours, combining a patented and optimized proprietary module of three complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour, power reserve) with a manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base): a tribute to the spirit of freedom and speed of the 1950s!

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

The Kanister Collection

Driving fast is not only synonymous with performance, it is also a way of life. First, second. The engine rattles, the trees scroll. Everything is here. The hoped-for moment becomes reality. The senses are awakened, the intensity growing. Third fourth. Rolling with your feet to the floor is essential to follow your route, when the pressure reaches its limits. That’s what’s on our minds when checking the time on his Kanister watch…

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

“Always choose boldness…”

A furtive caress on the curve of the hood, gloved hands. I open the door. Click. I close it. Clack. The sound is reassuring, familiar. A look in the rear view mirror, a hand in the hair. Start. It is a soft, powerful voice. It is nearly 10.30 a.m. The sun is warming the bodywork. The engine is roaring. The tachometer needle comes to life. Thus is born audacity, when passion de es the ordinary. The leather of the seat passenger is weathered like an old bracelet. He has seen it too. Sunlight streaks across the dashboard. On the mechanical timepiece, faithful ally of our adventures, the minutes tick away. It is time to go, the Kanister watch on your wrist. Its radical design is inspired by the speedometers of the mythical 356 Speedster automobile of the 1950s. The adrenaline is there, palpable, in search of a new playground The appointment is at noon. The beautiful stranger will wait, or not.

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

Driving fast is not only synonymous with performance, it is also a way of life. First, second. The engine rattles, the trees scroll. Everything is here. The hoped-for moment becomes reality. The senses are awakened, the intensity growing. Third fourth. Rolling with your feet to the floor is essential to follow your route, when the pressure reaches its limits. That’s what’s on our minds when checking the time on the Kanister. Wearing it is the promise of a road trip through time. The radical nature of its alternative way of reading the time is the watchmaking signature that has made Reservoir such a success: jumping hours, retrograde minutes and power reserve. It is 11 a.m., the minute hand returns to its starting grid, as if traversed by a regular shudder. Another hour’s drive. And this mystery of waiting. Will she be there or not? Only one obvious thing: never give up

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

Tight turn on approach. Third, second. Braking. It dances in the curve. Palpitations. An eye on the Kanister. It’s almost noon. The colours of its dial are inspired by those of the tachometer of this car that I love so much. Its leather strap is reminiscent of saddlery. The phone is ringing. Hand brake. “Hello, yes…” Smile. For a moment, everything then becomes possible at the very moment when the will regains control when the mind empties. The call ends. Disappointed. The 356 is at a standstill, not the Kanister. I take it o my wrist to admire, thanks to its transparent back, the beating of its mechanical heart – the RSV-240 calibre. I open the glove box to store the phone and change the strap thanks to the interchangeability system developed by RESERVOIR. It’s almost noon. My gestures and their address until the ultimate thrill that closes the experience and sets the next hour in motion. Like an eternal departure. Startup. U-turn. I’m going back. The beautiful stranger will wait, or not.”

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

About RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

The Kanister collection is inspired by the R.P.M. counter of the legendary 356 Speedster car. The new RESERVOIR Kanister Silver enriches the collection with a silver-finish dial, on which shine indexes and a minute hand with polished reflections. Worn on a timelessly elegant black or taupe leather strap, the Kanister collection pays tribute to the spirit of freedom and speed that blew during the decade of the 1950s. The new Kanister Silver inaugurates the new watchmaking calibre RESERVOIR RSV-240. This self-winding mechanical calibre has a 56-hour power reserve and is made up of a proprietary patented three-complication module coupled to a manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base).

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

The audacity of RESERVOIR combined with the know-how of the Swiss engine manufactured TELOS

To design the new RSV-240 watch calibre, RESERVOIR is continuing its original association with TELOS, the Swiss motor manufacturer specializing in the tailor-made manufacture of high-end mechanical movements.

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

Since its creation, the association with TELOS has been a strategic partnership for the Franco-Swiss watchmaker RESERVOIR, nourished by human a nity, technical challenges and the challenge of manufacturing larger series. Over the past decade, the engine manufacturer TELOS boasts remarkable watchmaking achievements in the world of Swiss ne watchmaking. This structure combines the skills of its teams with the proximity of high-tech Swiss suppliers. Since its creation in 2017, all RESERVOIR collections have been equipped with a bespoke 124-piece module, designed by TELOS and called P068, which drives the three watchmaking complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour and 37-hour power reserve), mounted on a Swiss automatic movement.

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

In 2022, this association continues to give birth to the new RESERVOIR RSV-240 calibre, whose revisited P168 module has been specially developed to measure, still animating the three horological complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour and power reserve) but bene ting from several optimizations. This module is now coupled to a manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base) and has an increased power reserve of 56 hours. From a horological point of view, the new P168 module required in-depth consideration for its development, its mass production and its reliability. The new RESERVOIR Kanister Silver inaugurates the RESERVOIR RSV-240 calibre, which will be deployed across all collections in the coming months

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

3 questions asked to François Moreau (founder & CEO RESERVOIR)

1/ Why anchor RESERVOIR in Swiss Made manufacturing?

For the design and manufacture of its watches, RESERVOIR has opted for a Swiss Made approach for the following reasons. There is unique watchmaking know-how in Switzerland that is unequalled in any other country in the development of complications, with the presence of many very specialized watch designers renowned for their innovative character. In addition, the very high standards attached to the Swiss Made designation constitute essential elements of reassurance for a large number of international collectors.

2/ How does TELOS respond to RESERVOIR’s creative approach?

TELOS Watch is a renowned watch designer that already has many complications available but also very specialized know-how in many watchmaking fields, and in particular the jumping hour and the retrograde minute. These characteristics have made it possible to develop a RESERVOIR complication module in perfect response to the initial specifications, and present a very significant potential in terms of innovation for future complications, some of which are already under development.

3/ What is the specificity of this collaboration?

The collaboration between TELOS and RESERVOIR has made it possible to develop and then manufacture a new watchmaking module comprising three complications: jumping hour, retrograde minute, power reserve. These three complications have been designed specifically for the RESERVOIR brand and have bene ted from numerous innovations in the way they have been designed, in particular on the necklace or on the various so-called ‘release’ safety devices. Its unique characteristics allow RESERVOIR to hold a patent on this module today.

The RESERVOIR collections bear witness to unique watchmaking know-how by satisfying the strictest professional requirements. It is in Switzerland, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, that the TELOS master watchmakers develop the RSV-240 calibre, and in Neufchâtel where they are assembled. All their art is revealed in the precision of the measurements, the rigour of the controls and the attention paid to each stage of work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch.

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver

RESERVOIR Kanister Silver Technical Specifications

Ref. RSV01.KN/433.SI


  • Retrograde minute, jumping hour, power reserve Caliber RSV240 mechanical with automatic winding composed of a proprietary patented module of 124 parts on a Manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base)
  • Power Reserve 56h
  • 28,800 beats/h
  • Swiss Made


  • 41.5 mm, grade 5 titanium case, polished nishes
  • Silver colored dial
  • Screw-down crown, water-resistant to 50m
  • 360 degree open bottom
  • Anti-re ective sapphire crystal


  • Black leather strap, black stitching, width 20 mm
  • Additional taupe leather strap supplied with flash pumps for quick strap change


  • Available to order from April 2022, online store and prestigious network of more than 70+ high-end stores and specialist retailers in 20+ countries.


  • 4’200€ TTC | CHF 4’200 incl. Taxes | $ 4’400 excl Taxes


The engine manufacturer with tailor-made movements

Founded in 2009 by Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), two specialists in watchmaking development and longtime friends, Télôs quickly found its place by developing ultra-complicated movements and by assigning the patents associated with major watchmaking companies. In 2015, they had the idea of offering a unique concept of à la carte movements, which, using the same components, made it possible to create several movements which could then be personalized according to their customers’ expectations. Success is on the way. Directly inspired by the automotive sector, it consists of keeping the strategic components, such as: barrels, gear trains, stem system, timer, 4Hz oscillator, 20.3 escapements, transmissions, ratchets and winding pinions. Today, surrounded by a team of professionals, reactive and very competent, they are recognized for the quality of their creations which come to adorn many watches of large Houses or structures which start their activity.

TELOS has recently made a name for itself for its Haute Horlogerie know-how, with achievements widely recognized by the world’s watchmaking media, such as the ARTYA Purity Tourbillon (manual skeleton movement equipped with a large-diameter tourbillon, central hours and minutes, two parallel barrels, operating at a frequency of 4 Hz, 70-hour power reserve), the CUSTOS Challenge III Double Tourbillon Differential-s (double tourbillon manual movement, central hours and minutes, seconds on differential, 4 parallel barrels, 4 Hz frequency, 60-hour power reserve, patented bearing differential), the Gimbutis caliber P307 (automatic mechanical movement, skeleton hours + central minutes, 2 parallel barrels, 4 Hz frequency, 72-hour power reserve, 4-arm balance), or the Beauregard Dahlia C1, (automatic movement, large-diameter central wheel tourbillon, peripheral hours + minutes, two parallel barrels, frequency 4 Hz, power reserve 6 5 hours) and the Harry Winston Opus 14 (automatic jukebox complication watch).

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Taking its inspiration from measuring instruments, RESERVOIR watches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters, manometers, gauges from three universes: automobile, aeronautics and marine. RESERVOIR watches echo an era in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind – a time when the pulse quickened, and adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance. A RESERVOIR watch on the wrist tells these stories that embody fundamental truths that stir the spirit, characterized by an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation.

RESERVOIR timepieces are innovative thanks to a radical time display, by combining three horological complications: the retrograde minute at 240° recalls the R.P.M. counters, the jumping hour recalls mileage meters, and the power reserve display echoes the fuel gauges. The assortment is built nine collections: GT Tour, Supercharged, Longbridge, Battle eld, Kanister (Cars) – Airfight (Aeronautic) – Tiefenmesser, Hydrosphere (Marine) – Blake & Mortimer (Partnership). All models are equipped with a bespoke and patented horological module of 124 components associated with an ETA-2824 movement, assembled at La-Chaux-De-Fonds in Switzerland by a renowned watchmaker.

Established in 2017, RESERVOIR is distributed among 20+ countries – incl. the United States, Japan, France and China (…) – online and through a network of 70+ up-scale department stores and specialist dealers. The core range is set at a content price of 3’980$ (excl VAT). Presented annually at international watch fairs, such as Baselworld in Switzerland, Couture in the USA, SIAR in Mexico – the novelties received outstanding reviews from the world media and were nominated four times for the Swiss GPHG (Geneva Grand Prix of Watchmaking) in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and whose unique Kanister Palladium RESERVOIR was selected in 2021 at the Only Watch charity auction.

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